Short-term Programmer Needed for Some Custom Abilities


May 3, 2020
  • Requiring: A programmer that can help out our current one who says he wants a bit of back up for some planned custom abilities, which are as follows:
    • Telepathic Assault: This pokemon's moves always treat the target(s) as asleep without the status condition, even if they have Insomnia, Vital Spirit, or Sweet Veil.
    • Equalize: Upon switching in, all stat changes are removed.
    • Otherworldly: On switch-in, reduces the opponent'(s) Attack and Special Attack Harshly for one turn.
    • Mountaineer: On switch-in, this Pokemon avoids all Rock-type attacks and Stealth Rock.
    • Otherworldly Presence: The Pokémon warps the field when it enters the battle, allowing slower Pokemon to act first for 5 turns.
  • Project Title: Pokemon Mithril. Since this is my team's and my first foray into a fangame, we're taking it pretty easy. We won't be adding any crazy things and will attempt to make a fangame that's similar in line with nintendo's games. We went for a Scandinavian background with plenty of Norse mythological references.
  • Progress/Screenshots: The project's in its infancy but we do have a few map layouts and sprites completed. Currently, myself and another designer are hard at work balancing the fakemons and making sure the regional dex is well-rounded. The programmer is continuing to work on events and the custom abilities he is able to do.
  • Contact: Preferred: HPDeskjet#7179 on Discord. You can PM me on here or simply reply to this thread, if you want.

  • Method of Contact: Either through a PM on here, or on Discord: HPDeskjet#7179
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