Demo Pokémon Infinity

Atomic Reactor

I don't even like Pokémon games.

Pokémon Infinity
Welcome to the Egho Region (Ee - go)

You wake up in the middle of a forest with no recollection of who you are.
With the help of a local professor and his assistant,
you are thrust into an adventure around a mysterious island in hopes of regaining your memory.
Fun times and tough challenges await!

[1.6.0 to 1.6.1] May 25th 2020
-minor tile error fixes
-amberfield town trader fixed
-north gatehouse trader fixed
-final trainer dialogue updated
-adjusted attack options in battle to read easier
-couple more animations and tweaks
-removed grass from forest center
[1.5.1 to 1.6.0] May 17th 2020
[this should be the last update for a while, lest there be bugs I need to fix]
-Added a small part of Koros Cave to Palkhan Heights (new area, new items, new trainers)
-Balance tweaks (that machop...)
-a few more animations/tweaks
-time is now displayed on pause menu
-some over world pokemon encounters now have a possible egg move
-the leaks in caves are now animated, it makes me thirsty

[1.5.0 to 1.5.1] May 11th 2020
-Minor bug fixes
-Updated move data (adjusting powers and accuracies to be more in line with current games)
-fixed up/added some animations
-added reward for beating the final 2 challenge trainers
-tweaked some scattered items in the wild
-balance fixes
-adjusted badge level requirements for traded pokemon (they won't misbehave based on lack of badged for now)
-farmer in haydust gives you an egg

[1.40 to 1.5.0] May 1st 2020 (I hope this pandemic doesn't kill all of us lol)
-General bug/error fixes
-added/tweaked a bunch of battle animations
-added Sylveon and a few new fakemon
-Challenge mode unlocks after you beat the story aspect of the demo
-updated items and shops
-rebalancing of trainers
-couple more new attacks
-expanded a few areas to add more exploration
-made some machines have blinky lights
-probably more things I'm forgetting

[1.31 to 1.40] April 10th 2020
-Added 2 more fakemon
-tweaked moves/stats of new pokemon
-added 3 new evolutionary stones (Link Stone, Amethyst Stone, Astral Stone)
-Updated/added some battle animations
-New attack "Typhoon" added
-level curve/expall adjusted
-added grass patch in Echorock that have Flying type pokemon
-added NPC dialogue to help guide you in echorock
-hidden treasures added/updated around the world
-minor bug/grammar/tile fixes
-some moves powers adjusted
-other things probably, idk

[1.30 to 1.31] March 26th 2020
-Fixed some issues with pokemon.txt and tm.txt
-Added a fishing mechanic
-Fixed Dojo
-New moves and animations
-Added new Pokemon

[1.0 to 1.1,1.2, and 1.3] March 20th-25th 2020
Wasn't keeping track at this point so I don't remember.
First public release, updates saw addition of fakemon, bug and error fixes, animation updates.
Q: What emulator do I use?
A: None, this can only be played on a Windows operating system. Open the game folder, then open the Game.exe (little galaxy pokeball icon). It runs by itself.

Q: Why is there no battle animation for this move?
A: I made over 500 battle animations for this game in order to make it suck less. There's still a bunch of animations I have yet to do, and I plan to finish them with the final release. Feel free to let me know which animations are missing, I keep a checklist going to make sure I get them all.

Q: When will this be fully complete?
A: No idea, I'm one person. It might never be done.

Q: Where do I go after Echorock?
A: Make sure you talk to the man above the statue. After that, check back with Thorn.

Q: How long/ how many badges are there?
A: This game has taken on average of 6 to 9 hours, depending on how much you invest. You will obtain 2 badges in this version. You get to explore a little more than half the island planned for the full release. The 2 HMs you will get are Fly and Cut. The 1.5 update has added a post-game challenge set of trainers.

Q: Why does my fog/panorama/picture/field poison effect get cut down to a quarter of the screen sometimes? (Or, why do some graphics get messed up when I'm using "Large" screen mode?!?)
A: For some reason, if you open the program automatically to the large screen setting, it'll cut the graphic. Just go to options, switch to medium and back to large, and it'll fix it. Not sure how to fix it permanently.

Q: What Pokemon are all in this game?
A: 1st through 5th gen, and some original ones. I gave you an unencrypted game folder. I'd prefer if you played to find out, but you have access to everything you want to know about the game inside various folders. Feel free to snoop around if you must, but I wouldn't ruin the fun if I were you. There are fakemon, alternate forms, and new evolutions. More are planned for the future.

Q: How do I get Gorochu, Nidorook, Quzsparce, or any of the fakemon?
A: Play to find out. You can always check the Pokemon.txt folder, located in the PBS folder, if you really want to ruin the fun.

Q: Will I be able to carry over my save to the final version in the future?
A: Ideally, yes, but probably not. A lot of things could change in development from now till then, so I wouldn't count on it.

Q: Can I use ______________ for my own project?
A: Absolutely. Anything in this game is either made/edited by me, or from other public art assets. Credit needs to given, but feel free to use anything in this download.
Install the fonts! The game won't look as intended if you don't install the fonts (they come with this download)
Go to game folder, then Fonts folder, highlight the fonts, right click, install.

Z = Run
X= Menu/Cancel
C/Space/Enter= Confirm/Interact
Arrow keys to move
F5 for registered items

This is a fan game, meaning I'm not a professional. There may be things I missed in testing that could mess your game up. I've done the best I can so far, but there always could be a hidden bug. Just be weary.

I updated moves in V 1.30, meaning that "Fairy Wind" will become "Freeze Dry" if a pokemon already had Fairy Wind. If you catch a new pokemon with said move, it'll be normal. I believe you can just forget the move and that should fix it. There's about a half dozen or so moves this will happen to. If you are playing this game for the first time on V 1.30 or higher, you are safe.
tl:dr Moves got overwritten from 1.2 to 1.3, which caused a few to change. You can forget/relearn moves in Echorock to fix issue.

If you beat the Dojo pupils in 1.3 or earlier, and didn't get to face the leader, interacting with the southeast big boulder in the first room of Echodrop cave will correct it. (Warning, if you do this before having beat the 4 pupils, it will mess up the events)
This game is free and should never be involved in any monetary exchange.

Special thanks to the friends that I bounce ideas off of and that provide me feedback and assistance when I need it.
Max, Aki, Josh, Teo, Tom, Andy, Jose, Sam, Sabs, Iwan, Justin, and Duncan.

Shout out to Hukon Risu for inspiring me to make every inch of my game worth your time,
by making the world more interactable and interesting.

The graphics that were used were either my own or original/edits of the artists below

Feel free to use anything in this game,(fakemon, battle animations, tilesets, new moves, etc) for your own non-profit project.
Please credit Atomic Reactor, and any other artist/programmer that contributed resources to this project.

I hope you enjoy it.
Atomic Reactor - Lead Developer
Feutor - Competitive Mechanics Coordinator

Poccil - pokemon essentials engine
Maruno - present day essentials and general help
Luka SJ Utilities, Menu, Title
KleinStudio - grass animation
Marin, Overworld shadows, general help
FL - Unreal Time

The Red Ex

SirAquakip - Old Obsidian Fakemon
Unova Backsprites - Dreadwings93
Gorochu Concept Art used for sprite - Foxeaf
Pokemon Type Icons - KryptonLion

Character Sprites

Animation Graphics
hadecynn / Andy Chen

Title Screen and Background Graphic

If you are interested in helping out with this project,
please contact me here or on twitter @atomicreactor

Download Link
Current Version - 1.6.1
~please install the fonts before playing~
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Atomic Reactor

I don't even like Pokémon games.
Thank you!

This game is super good! The world feels super alive, and it's a unique premise. But, you're saying I was saying the region wrong the whole time...
Yes, and I cringe anytime anyone else says it wrong too. That's okay though, I like waffles enough to let it pass.

I updated the download link with 1.5.1 and also added some night time screenshots to the main post for variety.


I've played through a good portion so far, and it's really piqued my interest. The game overall feels well-balanced, with normal trainers being fairly strong, but only on occasion do they really pose a challenge, probably because of the type variety - and for the better. The EXP Share has also proved invaluable for recruiting new party members, and really makes for less of a "grinding" feeling. I feel like the EXP formula has been boosted too, but whatever the case, I like it.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see new Pokémon sprites! I haven't seen anyone really remake existing sprites, and certainly not with a different pose. Great job there.

The maps are unique and lively, and a lot of fun to explore. I've yet to untap their full potential with rock climb and surf and what not (or their equivalents, I'm not all that far yet), but even the accessible sections were refreshingly unique and well-designed.

I'm not too far into the story to really say much about it, but I like where it's going from what I've seen so far. It starts of a little "Pokemony", but gets its own Atomic Reactor twist.

I'm really interested in this project - keep up the good work!

Atomic Reactor

I don't even like Pokémon games.
Thanks for all the kind words Marin, I really appreciate it. Let me know what you think once you beat it!

The first post has been updated with 1.6.0.

This should be the last update for a long time now. I kept wanting to add and fix things with all these updates, but I do really think this is it for the demo. I added one more bonus area in Palkhan Heights, Koros Cave, with new trainers and stuff. Check the changelog for other details. If any glaring issues come up or any bugs, I will probably fix them. But I will not be releasing anything new for this game for a while.

If you beat it, feel free to share a screenshot of your team, I like to see the different combinations people come up with!

Thanks for playing for those that do.


Glad you posted a youtube video about this game, it's been incredibly fun so far. I can't wait to progress in the story, but I'm having a ton of fun exploring the tiny details and all the unique dialogues you put into every crevice. The combination of beautiful new world and great soundtrack are really scratching an itch for me. Your characters, story, and world-building are enthralling and inspiring. I need to find a pikachu so i can see this double stone evo with my own eyes. Keep up the great work dude!

The only bug I've run into is that the trade guy in Amberfield Town morphs into a scientist making a machoke joke, from a hiker receiving rapidash.