Short-term A little help working on expanding a customization pack


Wiki Dweeb
Mar 24, 2017
I've been hoping to expand on Poltergeist's customization resource a bit by editing the assets to work with other existing bases, such as Magiscarf's public bases or canon sprites with different poses like the snowboarder and skiiers.

I've been doing well with editing the assets that are usually the same across sheets (hats, hair, carrying stuff), but when it comes to tops and bottoms, things start to get a bit tricky for me. (I'm not very good at drawing new poses for the arms and legs.) This is where I need a little help- I'm looking for someone who can help me edit the tops and bottoms to work with the new bases.

  • You would only need to do one color for each option, I can definitely handle the recolors myself. (That comes out to 20 tops and 18 bottoms per base)
    • The current bases I have are skiing, raising a PokeBall, watering, snowboarding, fishing, and surfing (as in riding a Pokemon, not a board)
  • I'm not going to make you complete everything- whatever help you want to give will be much appreciated!
  • This is intended to be a public resource, but you will definitely be credited!
  • And, obviously, with this being both your work and a public resource, you're free to use any of these in your own projects!
You can reach me here or on discord at TechSkylander1518#1085!