Recruiting Pokemon Valhalla is Recruiting!


Pokemon Valhalla is Recruiting!

What is Pokemon Valhalla?

Pokemon Valhalla is a fangame in development using RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials. The game takes place in the Halosko region, a region based on the Netherlands, and the game will include all Pokemon from Generation 1-8 as well as at least 70 new Fakemon! The game will also include new trainers, a new story, new moves, and new mechanics. In the Halosko region, there is an ongoing war between two major organizations: the Paladins and the Svikias. The Paladins once ruled the Halosko region until they were backstabbed and overthrown by Dothio, the leader of the Svikias. Now, the Paladins are nothing but history. However, the only surviving Paladin, Saor, asks you to revive the Paladins by challenging the 8 Svikia Combatants and seizing their power. However, this quest will take great determination. Are you up for it?

Current Work/Progress

Meet Embralf, the Flame Cow Pokemon and the Fire-type Starter Pokemon! (Made by Ratatouille and N_)

Meet Vallangel, the Spirit Guide Pokemon and the mascot of Pokemon Valhalla! (Made by Trainer_Tsuki and N_)

This is a map of the Halosko region! (Made by Kat)

Pokemon Valhalla's Current Dev Team

LuxDiablo - Director, Scripter, Mapper, Eventer, Composer
morikun - Co-Director, Artist, Writer
Trainer_Tsuki - Artist
OhDuckShade - Artist
Kat - Artist, Spriter
Ratatouille - Artist
N_ - Artist, Spriter
Cas - Spriter
JDA_248 - Writer
SparkShock - Writer

Positions Recruiting

We are currently recruiting the following positions:

Spriters (for trainers and Pokemon)
-Writers (for plot writing and organization)
-Artists (for trainer designs and Pokemon designs)
-Scripters (to create code inside Pokemon Essentials)
-Mappers (to create usable maps for the game in RPG Maker XP)

Methods of Contact
In order of use:

LuxDiablo #9062

Relic Castle



Thank you for reading, and we hope you consider joining our team!