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Recruiting Pokemon Valhalla is Recruiting!


Pokemon Valhalla is Recruiting!

What is Pokemon Valhalla?

Pokemon Valhalla is a fangame in development using RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials. The game takes place in the Halosko region, a region based on the Netherlands, and the game will include all Pokemon from Generation 1-8 as well as at least 70 new Fakemon! The game will also include new trainers, a new story, new moves, and new mechanics. In the Halosko region, there is an ongoing war between two major organizations: the Paladins and the Svikias. The Paladins once ruled the Halosko region until they were backstabbed and overthrown by Dothio, the leader of the Svikias. Now, the Paladins are nothing but history. However, the only surviving Paladin, Saor, asks you to revive the Paladins by challenging the 8 Svikia Combatants and seizing their power. However, this quest will take great determination. Are you up for it?

Current Work/Progress

Pokemon Valhalla OST


Build Mode
Have you ever wanted to build your own city in Pokemon? With Build Mode, you can now do just that! Build Mode allows the player to customize a city to their liking. The player can also invite residents, farm for materials, and build facilities using Build Points! Build Mode brings the world of Animal Crossing or SIMS to Pokemon!

Beta Park
The Beta Park is a nature reserve in the Halosko region! This reserve contains Beta Pokemon that were unable to adapt to their surroundings due to a mutation in Radiance. You can catch these Beta Pokemon and use them on your team in your main playthrough!

Radiance is a mechanic that is used by Pokemon. Radiance omniboosts a Pokemon's stats and gradually heals them after every turn. The effects wear off after 5 turns, however.

Regional Forms
The Halosko region is home to a variety of regional forms of Pokemon! These forms can be caught in the wild and used in your play through for a whole new experience with that species!

Pokemon Valhalla's Current Dev Team

LuxDiablo - Lead Dev
Delta - Writer
MagicalLeaf_282_ - Writer
Scepty - Writer
Maks - Writer
Chazz - Spriter
Sugar Milk - Spriter
RdoRica - Spriter
SpyrosRai - Spriter/Artist
Eddy Mon Mon - Artist
Matty MT - Artist
Clockwork Arceus - Composer/Spriter/Artist
Ari - Composer
Ghost Fish - Scripter
InvansiveKomala - Mapper

Positions Recruiting

We are currently recruiting the following positions:

-Spriters (for Pokemon, trainers, and misc stuff)
-Scripters (to create code inside Pokemon Essentials)
-Composers (for the custom OST)

Methods of Contact
In order of use:

LuxDiablo #9062

Relic Castle



Thank you for reading, and we hope you consider joining our team!
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Hey! Dunno why nobody replies here, but it seems to be a lot of good stuff! Are you still recruiting? I won't be able to help that much, I'm on my project too, but I could probably help a bit about fakemons designs. Do ya actually have the starters? Maybe I could help design them if they're not, or maybe just imagine some random fakemons!