Recruiting Project God Need your help!


Project God - Creator
Hello, my name is Sr.Haruno but people call me Haruno.

You may ask how long we are working at?
Well we are working about 4 years on a Project called Project God or Pokémon God but
still theres not too much content because most of the time were spend on remaking maps,

sprites and general polish and that's why we are making that call!

We need your help!

Our main priority is:

Beta testers 🎮 - the main heart, without people to try everything would be twice hard to i fix and polish stuff.

Spriters 🎨- are the second heart of any game.

Pokémon Spriters 🎨 - The game has fakemon and those won't be found on the internet, it need to be done by hand!

Dex Entries 🐾 - A encyclopedia is't without the Pokémon data! so we need help with it!

Thanks for reading and i hope you have a great day!

Our discord: (*Ping me or Mods if we don't reply to you.*)

The Game Link:!edcnEa6D!sNUdCYvou_WMH5C_LMuvkg
(*if you want to have a taste of the game.*)