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[Sheep Think You Look Very Delicious & Want So Much To Forgo Eating You]


As you can see, the title is rather long, and yes, it is the actual title of the game. As the title is a bit of a mouthful, for short I just refer to it as the Courting Tragedy project. Originally created for the 2020 Winter Game Jam and made with PSDK, this was a random idea I created to be a short yet hyper-detailed little fangame. The game combines Gen3 sprites & tiles, gen6 arts and misc custom graphics, but I still think it fits pretty well together. One of the most prominent features of this game is a race of people with horns whose species I've currently entitled Relationsheep. It's been described as a "feels less like a Pokemon game and more like an RPG", so it is quite far from "traditional". I have to mention that it is a bit... edgy, but not (hopefully not) in a cringey way. As of writing this, the game is currently 1/4 to 1/3 completed and I hope to post a demo when I get to the half way point.

You play as Juliette, a seemingly normal woman who wakes up with amnesia and spends the course of the game trying to discover what and who she has forgotten. But what will happen once she discovers the hidden truth?​


The setting of the game takes place in Kalos; specifically in that custom northern section at the top of the map; and it is on a winter night.

------------------------------------------------------------ Partner Pokemon -----------------------------------------------------------

At the beginning of the game you start off with 2 party Pokemon. Your primary starter defaults as Delphox, but you will have the option to choose your secondary partner! Which one of the blue trio will you make as your partner Pokemon?

------------------------------------------------------------ Characters -----------------------------------------------------------

Through the course of the game, all main characters will have a dialogue art with them. Since I was originally making it for the game jam I didn't have time to make 100% custom arts. Now seeing as I have most of the characters done like this, I've decided to keep this way of character creation for the remainder of the game. For example purposes, this is Katherine; the bubbly nurse of the game's Pokemon Center.

Speaking of customized XY arts, based on the location-types I've chosen, the official trainer vs arts don't really fit. I've had to edit them a bit to make them setting appropriate. The above include the Icy Model (originally the female Swimmer) and a winter-variant of the Backpacker.

------------------------------------------------------------ Screenshots -----------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------- Currently Added & Planned Features -------------------------------------------------​
  • A very interactive world! You can interact with practically every object and of course every NPC.
  • A new PSDK experience! While the majority of fangames out there are made with Pokemon Essentials, you can now get a brief glimpse of what the other Pokemon fangame kit "PSDK" is like.
  • A beautiful environment! From the combination of animated tiles, music, sound effects and special lighting effects, the areas all feel more detailed than what you might be used to.
  • Multiple Save Files! One of the unique features of PSDK is it offers up to 3 save files by default!
  • Side Quests! While the setting and story itself is rather short, I've decided to add in some sidequests to expand on the world.
  • Multiple Endings! There is both a Normal Ending and a True Ending.
  • Voice Acting! If all goes well, after the game is all programmed in, I will be looking to get voice acting done of main-story events.

------------------------------------------------------------ Progress -----------------------------------------------------------

Graphics - 90%
Maps - 80%
Sprites - 60%
Basic Events - 95%
Story Events 20%
Music & SFX Assets - 100%

------------------------------------------------------------ Credits -----------------------------------------------------------

Official PSDK Credits Page


Blizzard Sound Effect
All Music - Pokemon XY & Eternal Sonata
Misc sound effects - RPGMaker XP / VX / MV

Pokemon FRLG & Emerald & XY

[Character Design & Writing]

[Special Thanks]
Nuri Yuri
Game Jam-Required Map - Otter Flooflord
All those who offered positive feedback and helpful critique on the Pokemon Workshop Discord as well as on my twitter.
*Game thread layout inspired by the one for Ethereal Gates.​