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Thought that the image was too beautiful for a ripoff, so I ripped it off
This seems to be done out of a form of satire, but I genuinely liked the app's logo.
(also look at my first post for the more detailed story)


The Greenest of Noibats
Oh that's an easy one! The icon i have is a drawing of my Delta noibat, which is what I consider to be my Mascot at this point! Delta noibat was one of the first sprites and delta pokemon that I have ever done for Pokemon Insurgence, and it means so much because it represents all of the work, love, dedication, and happiness that spriting has brought me during a time that had become pretty dark and sad for me for a while. Ever since then,I cant think of anything else that will ever be better or mean more to me than the cute little noibat as my icon!
Mine is a pretty long story, so it started by wondering how many characters you could have as a name, and we found out you could basically have it be forever long, which lead to the great name:
His Holiness Radical 44th President of the Galaxy and this Fan Game Website Barack Mothafricken' Obama
after a few days of that name, Atomic Reactor made me a really cool avatar! but then memes changed and I never saved it - but a while back I wanted to use it because it was great, and the only way I could get it was from a screenshot from the shoutbox, and taking that, pasting it like 100x100, then blowing up one by like 100x100 and making it transparent over it resulted in a really cool effect.


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this is the nonbinary protagonist from a project i'm involved in w/ my pal @Hematite wearing a flygon hat! flygon is my fav and was in my username on most websites until recently, and i drew this when we were talking about giving players hats

(Edit: I've changed my avatar since this, here's what it was when I typed this:
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I've had this thing since 2013 apparently, and have always thought the avatar was actually an orange. ...It is not. It is a Kiwano Melon. I'm kinda surprised actually that no one ever asked about it, but it could be because they are all smarter than I once was.

Anyway, the avatar is ironic; it's not that I like the taste of oranges, hate them in fact. (Exception being orange juice.) But that I like the color orange. ...Yeah, it's sort of dumb. I have a strange sense of humor.


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Wait, this was here?!?

Anyways, my Avatar was originally just a weird doodle of a prevo for a Fakémon that is also partially connected to my username.
Now it's a gloriously made remake that was created by a friend, so kudos to them!


I cannot remember the first time I saw a yin-yang, but all I've known is that I've always associated it as a mask of sorts. Don't know why, I just do.
And considering I've never encountered anyone who personally sees a mask every time, when it came time to make a persona of sorts, it just seemed fitting.
It was also the first inspiration of mine to make an unofficial Pokemon design, so using that as my "mascot" was cool for me. I'll post about it later, but it's basically my version of the Gen.5 original dragon.
Have never understood why people still try to draw it as some amalgamation of details that just happen to look like the Tao Trio, that's some backwards logic.
So when I post the design, what I went with is well, a spirit of sorts. It's literally a wispy ghost wearing the Yin-Yang like a mask.

The hat is a fedora, and I just wanted to be original and/or cool when I drew it. I don't even wear a fedora anymore...


How am I still alive
The most enjoyable mismagius character ever written.

(Not mine. Although, it's best if you read it for yourself. I learned a lot about storytelling from this guy's works) -> archiveofourown.org/works/9174043
It's not of much thing but cause my username is godric.sulphor ,in short GS and I have to relate with Pokemon and then came the idea of GS ball from anime series and that's that.


Right now, my avatar is some pixel art thing I made. It sort of looks like me, only it's a low-resolution sprite that I made ages ago.