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Since I do fan game stuff all the time it feels weird to work on something that's not...for a specific use/purpose, but I miss drawing. I wanted a new avatar for the rebooted site and my pony-sona is a relaxing draw.

...crap now I wanna draw again


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My avatar is a Fakemon from my project!

As my title suggests, my avatar is one of a group of Legendary Pokémon that are called isorrioid (the meaning of this name is explained in-story, but the explanation goes into a little more of their role than I'd like to explain at this point). They're very important to my project, and mostly, they're introduced pretty late but are plot-significant once they appear. Like the Lord English to my mascot duo's Jack Noir, I guess - the mascot duo is the first issue you deal with, and the isorrioid Legendaries are later, but their role is more significant than the mascots once they start to show up.

As my title also suggests, this is definitely the most plot-relevant isorrioid, and by that, I mean it's the only one that does not relate at all to the main story of my project and is effectively isolated in its own bubble of an arc. But I love this one and felt like making it my avatar, so yes!

I made the sprite itself the same day I joined the new Relic; my avatar on the old Relic was a different image of the same Fakemon, and I carried it over to here for a few hours but updated it as soon as I finished the sprite.

I don't think I've ever had an avatar that wasn't this Fakemon on either Relic, actually!

now if I ever do change my avatar, this post will make no sense
My avatar's kinda intertwined with my username, so I think I have to explain both-

Originally, TechSkylander1518 really wasn't supposed to mean anything-I was making an account for the Skylanders wiki, picked a random element, and used the in-game symbol as an avatar. Over time, I started using the account on a lot of fangame wikis, as well as the Uranium discord, so I figured I'd just use the same name on any Pokemon site I visited.

It's honestly a bit embarrassing sometimes-I do like the Skylanders series, but not enough to make it the first thing people know about me on any given website. But hey, the avatar's pretty cool.


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It's the letter D in Skyrim's dragon alphabet, overlaid on a parchment-ish texture with some sort of blend mode applied. My old avatar (the one I used on Discord until recently, plus a bunch of other places) is from way back when I was learning how to drag things around in Photoshop, threw a Toad on Bowser's head, eventually added in a Dragonite and stuck it in front of a Super Mario Galaxy wallpaper.

Nothin' too exciting.


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Eh, I used to watch this YouTuber back in the day before they sadly disappeared. They were playing Insurgence, and I had seen where someone had made some custom sprites for their game so I thought I'd do the same for this YouTuber - and they had a Bronzong on their team. And thus, Bronzong with a hat was born. Sadly, the Tuber's Nuzlocke ended before they could use the sprites, so they were never used/seen.

I joined PokeCommunity a few months later and when trying to find an avatar, I saw Hatzong and was like 'hey, this'll work' and that's how it happened. Since then, it's been bumped up two versions, one using the BW sprite, and the latest being a drawn version done by @Raiden.


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well i made this sprite a few days ago how ever, the design was made years ago when i started youtube it was one of my first personas i used and the character design has changed over the years. its more or less a combo of both Pokemon and Halo.


This Evil Spawn of Satan is from the Sonic CD Sound test where there's a picture that is just this avatar posted over and over and over again with the message "Infinite Fun at Sega Enterprises - Majin" put over it in Japanese. I thought it was funny creepy (Where something's creepy enough that its kinda funny, in an ironic way) and decided "Hey! You know what would make for a good avatar? That creepy freaking thing!"

Because I'm your Best Nightmare ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Luka S.J.

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One day I was boiling some water to make myself tea. I then went to my laptop and completely forgot that the stove was still on. Things started smelling like burned fabric. I got up and I realized I left some water to boil an hour ago. The avatar portrays the expression I had. The tracksuit is there because I couldn't be bothered to think of a better clothing design. Cheeki breeki. Just added an E4 kinda looking background because it seemed like a fitting pose. Challenge me if you dare.
I started watching Kamen Rider in mid-December. Currently, I'm on Ghost, my seventh season. My avatar is Zangetsu Shin. He has my favourite design out of everyone in Gaim, which has become my favourite season since finishing it in mid-April. If you know me on Discord, my avatar changes a lot there, depending on which season I'm watching and how far I am into it. For example, since I just started Ghost yesterday, my current avatar is Ghost Ore.