Work in Progress Pokemon Enigmatica [PSDK]

Owen MacLeod`

Dev of Pokemon Enigmatica

Pokemon Enigmatica is a Gen IV styled Pokemon Fangame being developed using the PSDK Kit. Enigmatica is a semi-traditional Pokemon game, meaning your goal is to collect eight gym badges, beat the elite four and become the region's champion, along your travels you will have to deal with an evil team as well. Pokemon Enigmatica is set in a new region that is loosely based on British Columbia, and Alberta (two provinces of Canada).

We've added some extra information about Bug Testing around the bottom of the post. We'll be releasing Alpha builds in our Discord for testing purposes, so if you're interested in trying the game out, and helping us spot bugs, please check the bottom of the post!

Here are a few in-game screenshots.

And here's the Region map.

This game's plot heavily revolves around the evil team, Team Axiom has been around for five years, and during that time, they've often been performing inhumane experiments on Pokemon. This evil team even established themselves in outposts throughout the region of Candara to conduct these experiments in. While your ultimate goal is to complete the gym challenge and try your hand at becoming the Pokemon League champion, this evil team has become so abundant around the region that you have no other option than to defile their plans.

Brent is the male protagonist of Pokemon Enigmatica.
However, if you chose the female character instead, Brent will be one of your rivals.

Leah is the female protagonist of Pokemon Enigmatica.
If you choose Brent as your character, Leah will be one of your rivals instead.

Alan is the main rival of Pokemon Enigmatica. He's no pushover, since he works for Team Axiom and is rewarded with Pokemon that are unlike normal Wild Pokemon. Just like you, his main goal is to become the League Champion.

These features are the ones that we are working on implementing into the game, so any features included in the PSDK kit are not all listed here.
(Some features might have been scrapped later after this thread's post date.)​

  • Trainer Customization
    Using a very helpful resource created by Poltergeist on Relic Castle, we're working towards giving you character customization tools in-game.

  • The Battle Ferry
    After making some progress on the main story, you'll find the Battle Ferry. The Battle Ferry is a small contest that new trainers can compete in, using their own Pokemon, or rentals.

  • Pokemon Contests
    Pokemon Contests are planned to make a return by the final release, and they'll even be expanded upon the original versions.

  • Arcade
    The Arcade will work as a replacement for the casino. It'll feature arcade-like minigames which you play by using Arcade Tokens. You can exchange your PokeDollars for Tokens, and winning the Arcade games will earn you Tickets, and then you use Tickets to get Prizes.

  • Fitness Center
    In the Fitness Center, you can enhance a Pokemon's stats, similar to Pokemon X/Y, but not exactly the same.

  • Quest Book
    In Enigmatica, you'll be given a quest book, so you can have a place to check in case you don't know where to go.

  • Online Trading
    Update on this: the GTS was just added as a base feature in PSDK before I got around to adding the script you needed to add it, so it's in the game now.

  • Regional Forms, and Fakemon
    I'm happy to say that Regional Forms and Fakemon are now being worked on. We are still accepting any artists to can help us. Check the Social Media section right below for recruitment info. Here are some of the regionals that we've created:
  • Custom Shiny Pokemon
    MugsyAU, one of our team members, has taken the initiative of creating custom shiny Pokemon for Enigmatica. Several of them have been made already, but for now what they look like will be kept as a surprise.

    Alpha Releases (and how to play them).
    I'm glad to announce that we are in our testing phase. The game is available in my Discord server, and we've already found several bugs that I wasn't aware of before. If you would like to try out the game, and help me find even more bugs, use the link in the Social Media section, and we can get you the demo from there.

    Social Medias
    You can ask about recruitment by either joining our Discord, then you have the choice of giving me and @ mention, or sending me a DM. Another option is you can DM @PkmnEnigmatica on Twitter, but we'll most likely have you join our Discord either way. You can also check the recruitment posts on Relic Castle and see if we've made any since I wrote this edit.



    Project Director: Owen (Urolutze)
    Dev-Team Members: Delivash, Omega, MugsyAU, Monika, Ethanio, Ash.und

    Pokemon Enigmatica includes tiles made by: Kyledove, Magiscarf, Newtiteuf, Wesley FG, NathenxBrewer, Gigatom, Alucus, Thegreatblaid, ChaoticCherryCake, Speed, Dewitty, CNC, zetavares852, 07harris/Paranoid, 19dante91, 27alexmad27, 874521, Alistair, Atomika, Bakura155, Blue Beedrill, Boomxbig, Bulbapedia and Bulbaforums, chimcharsfireworkd, Chio, CNickC/CNC, Flood, Fused, G-olden, help14, Jesse TBPro, lordindy, Kizemaru_Kurunosuke, klnothincomin, Kuroda-Taiki, Novus, Pokemon_Diamond, PrinceLegendario, Reck, Red-Gyrados, REMY35, RHN, Saurav, Scarexshivaking, Seiyouh, SL249, spaceemotion, spypoke megafc, ThePokemonChronicles, WesleyFG, lightbulb15, PixelMister

    Custom Shiny Pokemon included in Pokemon Enigmatica are made by MugsyAU

    Regional Variant + Fakemon Artwork/Sprites are made by Owen (Urolutze) Omega, MugsyAU and Ash.und

    Trainer sprites are made by Monika

    Character Customization resource by Poltergeist

    Pokemon Platinum UI Rips from Haru Raindose

    Gen VII Sprites: Smogon, Pokemon Showdown, Amethyst, Jan, Zumi, Bazaro, Koyo, Smeargletail, Alex, Noscium, Lepagon, N-kin, fishbowlsoul90, princess-phoenix, DatLopunnyTho, Conyjams, kaji atsu , The cynical poet, LuigiPlayer, Pikafan2000, Lord-Myre, SirAllanNewlight

    PSDK kit made by Nuri Yuri

    (If I didn't credit you, feel free to let me know on Discord (Owen#7176) and I'll credit you, or remove the resource if requested, and I apologize in advance).

    Mar 8 2020
    Expanded the credits list.
    Clarified that Regional Forms and Fakemon are in the works now, and added Custom Shinies to the list of planned features.
    Added a link to the new Twitter Page.

    Mar 15 2020
    Listed the GTS as a confirmed feature.

    Mar 16 2020
    Added some more screenshots of the game.
    Updated the Dev-Team list (+2 New Members).
    Added new Alpha Demo section.

    Fixed some typos.

    Mar 28 2020
    Added info about our Alpha Demos that came out in the Discord.
    Updated the Dev-Team list (+1 New Member).
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