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Work in Progress Pokemon Enigmatica [PSDK]


Dev of Pokemon Enigmatica

Pokemon Enigmatica includes tiles made by: Kyledove, Magiscarf, Newtiteuf, Wesley FG, NathenxBrewer, Gigatom, Alucus, Thegreatblaid, ChaoticCherryCake, Speedialga, Dewitty, CNC, zetavares852, 07harris/Paranoid, 19dante91, 27alexmad27, 874521, Alistair, Atomika, Bakura155, Blue Beedrill, Boomxbig, Bulbapedia and Bulbaforums, chimcharsfireworkd, Chio, CNickC/CNC, Flood, Fused, G-olden, help14, Jesse TBPro, lordindy, Kizemaru_Kurunosuke, klnothincomin, Kuroda-Taiki, Novus, Pokemon_Diamond, PrinceLegendario, Reck, Red-Gyrados, REMY35, RHN, Saurav, Scarexshivaking, Seiyouh, SL249, spaceemotion, spypoke megafc, ThePokemonChronicles, WesleyFG, lightbulb15, PixelMister, Rayquaza-dot, UltimoSpriter, Spacemotion, Kizemaru-Kurunosuke, EpicDay, Thurpok, MinorThreat0987, TyranitarDark, Heavy-Metal-Lover, Kaitoooo, CrimsonTakai, ThatsSoWitty, Chimcharsfireworks, ThunderDove, PokeJose

Character Customization resource by Poltergeist

Pokemon Platinum UI Rips from Haru Raindose

Gen VII Sprites: Smogon, Pokemon Showdown, Amethyst, Jan, Zumi, Bazaro, Koyo, Smeargletail, Alex, Noscium, Lepagon, N-kin, fishbowlsoul90, princess-phoenix, DatLopunnyTho, Conyjams, kaji atsu , The cynical poet, LuigiPlayer, Pikafan2000, Lord-Myre, SirAllanNewlight

PSDK kit made by Nuri Yuri

(If I didn't credit you, feel free to let me know on Discord (Owen#7176) and I'll credit you, or remove the resource if requested, and I apologize in advance
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??? Pokémon
Ooh, interesting... I'm kinda excited for this. Games with well-done fakemon or regional forms are some of my favorites~ Gonna be wathing out for when the first public release hits ;D
Good luck on development!