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Feb 18, 2019
Pokemon Beryl is a Fangame aimed to create a new, but familiar Pokemon experience that takes place within the Gåde region where you, the player, are set out by the professor to discover the mysteries that are within the region along with catching Pokemon and taking on the Gym League. The main theme of the story is Discovery and generally plays with the idea that there are still discoveries to be found within the lands, depths, or in the sky of the Pokemon world.The Region of Gåde is based on Denmark with the Faroe Islands

Water Starter Dreaper:
*Currently No Concept Art due to be going through redesign*
Dreaper, the water beetle, is the Water Starter and is known to skit across the water and scare away creatures through firing water it stores in its body.

Fire Starter Cindercoon:
(Made by Hiro on the team)
Cindercoon, the fire dog-raccoon, is the Fire Starters of the game and is known to light up it’s tail depending on it’s mood and will make small patterns with its tail while running around.

Grass Starter Pineaver:
(made by Hiro on the team)
Pineaver, the grass Beaver, is the Grass Starter and is known for collecting sticks to make tiny sword-like sticks that it enjoys to play with usually having small sword fights with other Pineaver.(They are also based design wise off of Vikings,
Villain Team:The Ravagers are a team of petty criminals who steal Pokémon and items for their group and mainly make a ruckus in order to bring ‘true freedom’ to the region like it had been in the past.
Relic: Relic Pokémon are steampunk versions of fossils, usually being leftover gears or parts that are restored to bring back the old machines. They are used by the region in many ways so generally they were eventually allowed within the Gym League due to the fact that studies had shown that they have Emotions.

Abyssal Pokémon are[This portion of the document requires permission from the ACP]
Abyssal Pokémon are Pokémon that are unknown currently how they came to be or if they are even alive. Currently they are all held within Tartarus(A giant hidden away sinkhole) and any instance of a Abyssal Beasts are to be reported to the ACP or Abyssal Containment Project.
Around 150 or 200 new Fakemon are planned for the game(Counting evolutions to Old Pokémon, Mega, and Legendary/Mythical/Special Pokémon)
Example of concept art:
(Made by Morpher on the team)
(Final design by LuisBrain on Deviant Art)

What we are looking for?:
-Pixel Sprites
-Trainer profiles
-Concept Art
-Trainer Artists
-Town/City artists
*Musicians(Does not matter if Freelance or requires pay)
-Important Battles(Villain Leader, Gym Leaders, etc)
-Events(Pokemon, Story, Quests, etc)
-Story Writers
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