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“We think of infinity as a really big number, but it’s not. It’s endlessness. Endlessness is a really strange idea in a universe that is defined by its endings.” - John Green

Welcome to Etirkal!
Etirkal is a futurist region and a perfect paradise in words of many people who visit and habits here, it even rivalizes with another touristic regions like Alola in those terms. Besides it's paradises or technology, the main attractiveness is the multi-culturalism that exits, everybody is welcome!

Several legends have been told since ancient times in this region. The two most famous, are one that relates the existence of an alternate dimension to which possibly the legendary Pokémon go as a sanctuary. Only pure-hearted people can see the portal that leads them to this mysterious dimension.

The other legend is the existence of people who are able to understand the Pokémon more deeply than the average human, this legend could possibly have been verified by the documentation of the existence of several human beings with this ability, however, they hid throughout history for fear that someone will take advantage and do evil with it, making it impossible to confirm the sightings…

No one knows if the legends are true, but the possibilities are endless...


The hero/heroine is the child of Jakobe Ardoin, a famous Kantonian investigator and writer, and Luxele, a retired opera singer from the equivalent of Greece in the Pokémon world. After being invited by the region professor and Jakobe's childhood friend: Professor Stamford Celbarai, the happy family accepts the offer and they move to Etirkal.

Since childhood, the hero/heroine showed signs of being able to "talk" and understand Pokémon, which many of them, saw potential on the future young trainer.

Now installed on Etirkal, is the time for the protagonist to choose their starter Pokemon and start their big adventure, since the hero/heroine feels tired and lays on bed after the long journey, the professor calls them to introduce the region, but... a rampaged Pokemon attacks where Celbarai, Jakobe and Luxele where enjoying the view. Sadly, Jakobe didn't survive the attack.... your father is dead.

1 week has passed, the hero/heroine arms themselves with determination and decides to go for their Pokémon and start their adventure, in honor of your deceased father.

Along the way, you will find large numbers of people and friends, you will also live thousands of amazing adventures and you will find great mysteries that surround the region. You will also find clues that point to a great conspiracy that may have the answer about your mysterious ability, the death of your father, the possible existence of the aforementioned alternate dimension and several events that you will discover later.



  • New mega-evolutions and regional forms!
  • All Pokémon from Generation 1-8 (Including Mega-Evolutions) will be available in the game!
  • You can use your ability to request help from Pokémon and be able to solve several puzzles in the style of Pokémon Ranger, but you need to gain their trust first!
  • You can travel to the alternate dimension and explore its mysterious surroundings!
  • Etirkal was selected as the host region for the Second Pokémon World Tournament, several trainers from many regions have come to Etirkal to battle, do you dare to accept the challenge and become the champion?
  • A Pokémon League styled in the same way as Galar!
  • A dark story but maintaining the positivity that characterizes the franchise.
  • Vivid and unique environments!



YukineOdyssey - Lead Dev, Overworld Sprites, Character Design and Writer
KaLo - Character Potraits/Artwork
link_swager - Spriter / Character Design
GhetsisBoye - Character Design


Terrain Sounds by game_guy
Ambient Pokémon Cries by Vendily
Pokemon Amie/Refresh by Pizza Sun
Overworld Shadows by Marin
Radial Menu by Yankas
Name Windows by Mr. Gela
Signpost Locations by Tustin2121
Elite Battle System, Scripting Utilities, Modultar Title Screen, PWT and Easy Mouse System by Luka S.J.
Trainer Pronoun Picker by Fiona


BenGames,Films, and More!
Vanilla Essentials Tilesets (For some assets)

Exclamation/Question Bubble Animations - Previous
Battle Animations - Amethyst
EBS Default Animations - Luka S.J

Battler Sprites:
Smogon XY Sprite Project
Smogon SM Sprite Project
Sun and Moon/USUM Sprite Pack - Amethyst
Smogon SWSH Sprite Project

ORAS Icon Pack - Pikachumazzinga
Mega Stones Icons - Amethyst
Gen 6 Styled SHSW Pokémon Icons - Larryturbo


Singapore Region Concept - jamisonhartley
Backgrounds - carchagui and princess-phoenix
Free Summary Screens - Aki
Free Battle UI - Aki
Character Customization Resources - Poltergeist (Female Protagonist)
Fogs - Aki
HGSS Rips - Mr. Gela

Pokémon Sun and Moon
Bahamut Lagoon
Bravely Default
Bravely Second
Breath of Fire 2
Final Fantasy series
Armand Amar
Sonic CD
Monster World IV
Sonic Advance 3
Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Epic Battle Fantasy series
Thunder Force IV

SoundBible (Ambiance)

Gen 6/7 Pokémon, Moves and Abilities PBS: Amethyst
Gen 6 Object PBS and Scripts: Pokemon-Master
Gen 7 Objects PBS and Scripts: Marin
Gen 8 PBS: MegaMew
Gen 8 Scripts: WolfPP
PBS Shape Appender: Marin

"Pokémon Essentials" was created by: Flameguru, Poccil and Maruno

"RPG Maker XP" by Enterbrain

Pokémon is owned by The Pokémon Company, Nintendo and Game Freak

Any feedback and suggestions will be accepted! (Not insults or hate comments, keep the comment section free of slurs!).​
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