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Game Jam Winter Game Jam 2020: Recruitment

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A new Game Jam approaches?!
January 10, 2020 - February 21, 2020

Check out the:
Overview Thread
Discussion Thread
Game Jam channel in the Relic Castle Discord!

Welcome to Relic Castle Winter Jam! My name is Andy/Niall/Cat/whatever you want to call me, and I'll be your ever gracious host! It might only be winter in the upper hemisphere but I'm American so I can name this whatever I want. 😛

For the uninformed: a game jam is an event where developers will get together and make a game. It sounds simple at first glance, but making a good game is much more difficult and time consuming than you might think. Participating in one is a great way to challenge yourself, learn new skills, and polish your overall experience as a game developer.

While we always host an annual game jam over the summer, we thought it would be fun to host one in the off-season this year to test the waters and see what happens! Users (especially in the Discord server (you should join us!)) have been begging for an event during the winter so they don't have to wait until June/July for the next game jam.

For the rest of the deets, check out the overview thread.

Recruitment Thread

Welcome to the Winter Game Jam recruitment thread! In this thread, you can seek assistance with your entry or volunteer your talents for another entry. If you're looking to do anything but discuss recruitment, please use the general discussion thread.

If you're recruiting or volunteering, please use the following templates. Keep in mind that you aren't required to have any progress on your jam entry before recruiting.

  • Looking to recruit:
  • Jam Entry Title:
  • Team Name/Team Members:
  • Progress/Screenshots:
  • Method of Contact:
  • Timezone:
  • Additional Information:

  • Expertise:
  • Examples of Work:
  • Method of Contact:
  • Timezone:
  • Additional Information:
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  • Expertise: Spriting
  • Examples of Work: My last jam entry, Pokemon Unvoiced and my good man's game A Zoroark Among Us though my work will only be in newer updates. welp
  • Method of Contact: Discord, my tag is Kartik#1932, also goes by the name Killthicc on RC no idea who gave me this nickname though
  • Timezone: GMT+5:30

Haunted Ditto

Creator of Pokemon Pandora
  • Expertise: Spriting
  • Examples of Work: Pokemon Rusty and my deviantart gallery (Haunted-Ditto)
  • Method of Contact: Discord: Haunted Ditto#4332
  • Timezone: UTC+1
  • Additional Information: I'm not really good at making big sprites from scratch and my time is limited so I can't work on a project which wants to use dozens of custom sprites. But I'm fine with everything else.

  • Looking to recruit: Spriter, for GBA-style tiles (mainly buildings) as well as GBA-style Trainer sprites and overworlds.
  • Jam Entry Title: POCKET GAIDEN 1
  • Team Name/Team Members: Just me right now.
  • Progress/Screenshots: It's early days, but I'm working in pokeemerald decompilation and have created some maps and thought about the story a bit.

  • Method of Contact: Discord, Mantager#2753
  • Timezone: GMT
  • Additional Information: It's okay if you can't do a lot, just try your best.


  • Expertise: Programming
  • Examples of Work: My resurces on RC ; also got quite some experience with more complex pause menus
  • Method of Contact: PM; Discord Hollow_Ego#0335
  • Timezone: GMT +1
  • Additional Information: When contacting me, please tell me a bit about what you have in mind for the game



  • Looking to recruit: Writer (To narrate the plot), Programmer (To program a simple Key Item)
  • Jam Entry Title: CrossWorks
  • Team Name/Team Members: Anuran
  • Progress/Screenshots:
  • Method of Contact: Discord - Anuran#5311
  • Timezone: +5:30 GMY
  • Additional Information: English isnt my first language for which I cant narrate a game well enough even though I have a good story. I need someone to help me in this case.


Eternal Idiot
  • Looking to recruit: People for a Pokemon game made in PSDK. This game features gameplay similar to Battle Tower facilities, but it follows a narrative set throughout multiple regions.


- Eventer for help with doing scripts for Battle Tower-esque teams while I work on the rest of the game. Basically, creating the trainer events with the EVs, IVs, Natures etc into their 'mons and battle ready.

This part of the game is pretty time consuming and I could use the extra hands doing all the team-building ahead of times. MOST of the teams are already crafted, it just needs to be put into code and ready to battle in-game. Knowledge of PSDK eventing procedures for this part is a very very huge plus, but not needed (i'll let you know how it works).

Could be Nice:

- Artist/Spriter for Battlebacks and Cutscenes.

A nice variety of Pokemon Battle Arenas that'd make the battles look very nice. There's really only 2 cutscenes I want done, which I can technically make myself, but hey! The hands make it easier for me to work on the rest of the game. Spriters for misc. decorations and minor characters (that don't have designs so they can be done however) would be nice, but not needed. However, if I can't get anyone for the above and if someone just kinda wants to make characters, we still have room! The style is Gen 4.

-A lot of things really can't think of. The above two are very much needed. Whatever is not taken I'll be doing instead .-. If taking any other above roles, some additional brainstorming power would also be very nice! More heads are better than not having one at all I think.

  • Jam Entry Title: Tentative Title: Project Power
  • Team Name/Team Members: Ranko, Saucecoie, ArchiePichu
  • Progress/Screenshots:

  • The game as it stands is up through the intro in terms of eventing and mapping put together.
  • Method of Contact: PM ME HERE OR ON THE RELIC CASTLE DISCORD. ranko#0963 is my discord tag
  • Timezone: EST
  • Additional Information: I'm working until 7PM est on Weekdays, so uh, that's a thing. I also stream my game development on Relic Castle Voice channel in order to motivate myself. If you're not comfortable with that in terms of your work, lemme know and I can just, not.

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Hiya! Don't got much to say, don't got much to show, but if anybody's a composer lookin' to do some short violin pieces for fun, so I can sneak 'em in the game as an extra little thing, feel free to hit me up!

You'd be working for a cute, small little game about a little koala that pretends to be a vampire. You would basically have complete free reign to make the pieces however you want. It's just if anybody's looking to do a quick, short project.

In-Progress Screenshots:

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  • Expertise: Spriting (mainly OWs and Trainer Sprites)
  • Weakpoint: UI Design, complicated tiles
  • Examples of Work: I’ve posted 2 resources and worked on 2 released project: A Zoroark Among Us and Pokemon Unvoiced
  • Method of Contact: Discord: Drobin779#2668
  • Timezone: UTC + 7
  • Additional Information: I’m joining the jam quite late since I’ve been away but I’m available for the rest of the jam.
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