Help! RPGMXP won't open Essentials


When I try to open my Essentials project I get an error "C:\Users\ ... \Dropbox\ ... \Game.rxproj contains an incorrect path". I have absolutely no idea why it is doing this.

I share the Essentials project from my Dropbox with other team members working on the project. When I try to open the project from the dropbox location I get this error, but when I copy paste the project to my desktop it works fine. But now the problem is that the new stuff I do (while the folders are on my desktop) need to be copy pasted back into dropbox so that the team has access to what I did to the project. However when I do that what others have contributed to the project gets deleted. - E.g. I just ended up deleting the new title screen our sprite artist did. Some other wonky stuff is also going on...

I looked around the web but the only tangible thing that came up was change the (é) in Pokémon to normal (e) on the folders. Which I did, and had no effect.

I need to find a way to access the Essentials project from its proper place in dropbox. Please help me.

Perhaps this might be relevant: A few months ago my computer broke down thanks to a mandatory update from Windows. I took it to be formatted and the IT guy set up the new user name for the computer with his own name. My dropbox account, and the things in it like the project, predate this change in user account name. But I'm not sure whether this is the issue, and if it is, how to deal with it. I downloaded RPGMXP from Steam again while re-setting up my apps. I didn't have this issue before the computer broke down.

Thanks in advance for your help. (And apologies if I've misplaced it.)


That's frusterating---sorry to hear! Yes, versioning (and space limitations) on Dropbox does suck.

Here's a shot in the dark: have you tried right-clicking RMXP and running as administrator? Dropbox and the desktop are in different hierarchical locations, so your system may (incorrectly) think you don't have the clearance to run executables from Dropbox.

Also, can you screenshot the error message?

Good luck!