Recruiting Pokemon Genesis | Sprite Artist/Artist Needed


Green Bean
Sorry in advance for the poor quality of this thread. I'm not good at using the Relic Castle Interface -_-

Anyway, I'm Bean and I'm working on a Game called Pokemon Genesis. It's a Pokemon Game that goes more in depth into the Pokemon World, highlighting important issues with the construct of the society a trainer would likely live in. Basically, here's the gist of the Prologue...

Take the role of a Teen living in the "Slums" of the Illuma Region. The Illuma Region, according to it's Tourists, is "The Most Beautiful Region In the World!" Under the surface, however, is a Region bustling with Crime, Hatred and an overall divide in Power. The Rich will do whatever they can to ensure they stay Rich and the Poor stay Poor. MC lives in the Outskirts of the Illuma Region in one of the Worst Corner of the Slums, Anstock Avenue. After your Uncle slips you into the Neighboring city of Crosscourt as an "Illegal", you disguise as one of the 3 selected participants of an experiment. As you've probably guessed, this "experiment" is to recieve your starter and explore the Illuma Region. After you return home with your starter, you receive your true Mission, to become the strongest trainer and fix the Region's Corruption of Power.

New Pokemon (Hence the need for a Sprite Artist)
Old Pokemon up to USUM (+Meltan/Melmetal)
New Moves, Abilities, and Items
New Forms, Megas, and Regional Variants (Illuman Forms)
18 Gyms* (One for each Type)
Multiple Evil Teams (Including an Entire Government!)
Post Game Events (These will be constantly updated, even after the Game's Completion)
Side Stories after Post Game (This will make sense later)

*Gyms are going to be receiving a Rework. Instead of being Official Gyms with a constant layout and a Gym Battle, they will be fought in multiple different forms. More to come. ;)

Let's just be Frank. I am not good at making Sprites. I'm just not. I need help, I need multiple Sprite Artists who can Sprite from scratch some new Pokemon, Sprite some Map Tilesets (and if possible, an actual Artist to draw Art of the Pokemon, I'll explain why if you're interested) I know you have no reason to pick this Thread to help with over the other Hundreds of ones here, especially since I couldn't even provide any screenshots, hence the Early Apology. I just hope you'll atleast message me to hear me out

Just Message me on Discord, @Lil Bean#9937. I will explain everything about the process then. I hope you give it a chance. What I will explain now is we have a Work Criteria, albeit very lenient. 1-2 Sprites done every week unless notified early of any plans. Now, I am aware the holidays are coming up so this Criteria will go into effect starting January 7th/ Please, message me if you can help or know someone who can.