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Recruiting Help for Pokemon: Triad Tournament


Rainbow Mage
Feb 11, 2019
Hello, I wish to send out a call for help to try to get my game into more playable hands and more understandable methods. I am currently trying to do what I can but it's clear my power is kind of limited so if possible I'm asking for at least someone that won't mind Card game style work for this game. Down below are the list of things that I could list if possible.
  • Looking to recruit: Play Testers, Programer, Effect Text Editor
  • Project Title: Pokemon Triad Tournament
  • Team Name/Team Members: Currently, I only got one to help out. (named Lumines {Effect Text Editor})
  • Progress/Screenshots: (Not sure which Screen Shots are required. Help required here.)
  • Method of Contact: Email (request it please so as to tell in a direct message.) or use the discord link in the Manual where the link leads you to.
  • Additional Information: Given upon Request. (To know how to contact you too.)