Getting stuck on door


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Okay, so this may end up being a simple fix but I just can't figure out what the problem is...

I have a door event that triggers animation on 6 different events for the entire door to animate:

Everything works find when ENTERING the door (it animates, transfers the player appropriately, etc.). But when I try to exit the room and come back out through the same door, my character gets stuck on top of the door and it doesn't animate at all:

I am so confused because I actually copied the event from a door event on another map that works perfectly fine (changing all the event names of course), but somehow this one isn't working right. I've tried editing the passage on different tiles too and that hasn't worked.

Here are screenshots of the event:

If anyone can help me figure out what is preventing the exit animation and transfer from working properly, I would be so grateful!!!


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Are the door tile and the tile below(the floor) passable?
If they are make sure the tiles in the layers above are not some invisible unpassable tile by mistake.


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Why are you using six events to depict the door when one will do? Charset frames can be larger than a single tile - an obvious example is any NPC, as they're over one tile tall and work fine as single events.