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Well guys, I'm hitting the big leagues now. The name's Madakaru, but most people call me Mada or Heart. I sometimes go by Heart of my Cards, but that's a different story. I've had the drive to make a fangame for so long, I finally decided to make it reality.

Pokemon: Arid Dunes will be a refreshing take on the normal games with new places, people, and especially... New Pokemon. No original Pokemon will be featured! It is set in an arid climate, so a desert covers a huge portion of it. A lot of things hit me within a few days that kept making me think of the Middle East and Egypt, so I went with that as the region.

Although I've written stories and helped with games, currently helping make a fangame right now, I have no actual experience with RPG maker or anything else like spriting. Hopefully I can attract some people in this post, and make some merit.

Key Notes for Arid Dunes:
+ A brand new Region! (Duh)
+ Dynamic characters unlike any before! (Also Duh)
+ 100% new Pokemon never seen before! (Whaaa???)
+ A story that actually makes sense for once, that is engaging and has a team with some moxie! (Nas)

Current alpha designs for the starters!

Porcuvine the Porcupine!
Serpire the Serpent!
Turtide the Sea Turtle!

Looking For:
+ Scriptors - I want to do some cool things that may not be present in the current build, so it would be nice to have some help when the time comes.
+ Sprite Artists - With 150-200 new Pokemon, I am going to need some serious help bringing them to life and making them look realistic. I can make files all day, but nothing says its a pokemon like a sprite.
+ Character Designers - I know I said dynamic characters, but it takes a village to make one. Bouncing ideas off someone is always helpful, and something I've done since I started writing. Having more than one person work on designs gives it another dimension and makes them more realistic.
+ Writers - I have realized that things cannot be created from a sole source. Just because I like it doesn't mean others will. Putting some minds together will set the world apart. I have a great idea that I am pursuing, and I need others to help polish it.

Currently on Team:
Myself - Creator and everything else
Cpt. Prime - Current supporter and lackey
Akito - Moral support and guidance
Ara - Self interest, nothing major.

Please DM me or reply to this thread if you are interested, I have had troubles looking elsewhere for help. Best to contact me on Discord where I have a server for this. I have around 40 Fakemon created as of now, and some changes to mechanics. I have a prototype map made and am working on another one to see which looks best. Hope to see you soon!

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