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Recruiting Pokemon: Enchanting Seasons


Nov 2, 2018
Hello everyone! I'm Opal, and I'm currently developing two fangames. This thread, however, is only about one of those games.

Pokemon: Enchanting Seasons is a Pokemon fangame with the elements of a farming RPG. This idea is inspired by the farming RPG Story of Seasons (formerly known as Harvest Moon).

However, as I quickly became aware, I do not have the experience for such a project. I've worked on Pokemon ROM hacks and fangames, but I've never made so much as a scratch on the surface for programming a game with the elements of Story of Seasons.

Features of Enchanting Seasons:
*Friendship and marriage systems
*Farming crops
*Raising Pokemon for product
*Second=Minute clock system
*Change of seasons and weather
*Mining mini-game
*Stamina for farming chores

Looking for:
**Scripting help - I need help with altering the script so that it can play similarly to a game like Story of Seasons.
*Sprite Artists - I need help with overworld Pokemon sprites for Pokemon such as Miltank, Mareep, Combusken, etc. Pokemon will essentially be the farm animals in this game.
*Character Portrait Artists - You can't really have a Pokemon x Story of Seasons love letter without character portraits. I would be grateful for help with character portraits, and would even appreciate any tips someone could give me.
*Character design help - Of course, I will be designing characters, but one thing I firmly believe in character design is to work together with others to fine-tune designs.
*Co-writers - Help with writing is always very much appreciated. Especially for a game that's meant to be inclusive for several people.
*Tileset artists - Your job will be to create tilesets that will help improve the look of the game for the purpose of the farming RPG aspect.

Current team members:
Opal (Me) - Writer, character design

More information in this doc if you're interested: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yGU87H6bHjLdE8c5BC-TRMhsy4WZRvhvCsUAeMOqTVs/edit?usp=sharing

If you're interested in working on this project, PM me or reply to this thread!