Recruiting Assembling a Team for Project SF (Working Title)


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  • Looking to recruit:
    • A secondary planner
    • A secondary concept artist
    • A secondary scenario writer
    • A 2D sprite artist/tile artist
    • A mapper
  • Project Title: Project SF (Working Title)
  • Team Name/Team Members: Toby (sukoshijon)
  • Progress/Screenshots:
    Overall, the general plan for the plot is finished along with the region design and layout. This project was formerly made in the Godot engine with GDWare (more like vaporware haha, I'm sorry guys, Godot didn't work out :( ); however, now I've switched over to Unity. I have a decent set of overworld map models from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. I'm not planning on having any Fakemon, but I do plan to have a decent amount of original characters.

    The region map for Cestrica (the starting town is in San José, the town to the south of it is a post-game town): My assorted collection of models for mapping: Things mapped with them (in Godot): A moving example (from Godot, the sprite is mine, but it's not very great and it's older anyhow): A quick walking script I worked up (thanks to the help of Toby and Dragonite as well, also another sprite, bam improvement woo): A quick running example (it works efficiently I swear):
    The original model sheet for the male protag (I'm probably going to redesign him because it's kinda bland):
    Fem protag (it's almost there, it needs some refinement):
    Some concept art I made (it's not the best but oh well):
    The full map including routes with the Rotom Taxi service:

  • Method of Contact: Discord at Brom#1518 or on here

  • Additional Information: I'm a generalist for the most part (meaning I kind of specialize in a little bit of everything), so please don't worry that I'm blindly asking for a group to make my game while I sit back on the sidelines. (also here's a more recent drawing that isn't as bad oop

  • Info for Secondary Planner:
    While I do have a bulk of the key info planned out, notably the plot, characters, and general region layout/flow, I do feel like it'd be useful to have help from another voice to bounce ideas off of, especially for smaller things like gym puzzles.

  • Info for Secondary Scenario Writer:
    Again, while the plot itself is finished, I'd like to revise it some and get secondary opinions from other people and possibly cleaning it up in general.

  • Info for 2D Tile Artists:
    Please do keep in mind that you don't need to know how to model at all. 2D tile artists may have to make object textures, but due to the low-poly nature of everything, doing a majority of textures will be similar to making tiles, and in a lot of cases, less work will be needed for additional directions because models can be rotated, unlike tiles.

  • Info for Mappers:
    While I don't have a present quick way to make finalized looking maps like I did in Godot easily (without having to actually go into a model editor like Blender or Maya), Unity does have ProBuilder which we can use to prototype maps before we finalize assets.

  • Final Notes:
    I (like to think that I) am pretty approachable, so if you have any questions, concerns, or interest in helping feel free to DM me on here or on Discord. I'll probably respond quicker on Discord. Do keep in mind that I may ask for examples of your work if you're interested in helping me. Thanks!
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This was a project that I've held onto before Kodiak came along lol

Either way, I still sorta want to get more team members because working mostly on my own (other than Mvit's major contributions to GDWare) was a big stress-er and I think delegating things properly would be a smarter option for the health of me and also the projects I want to make.