Demo Pokémon Cardinal

A fan-game created with Pokémon Essentials 17.2. This game is a solo project created by myself, AiurJordan. The game was created with the intention of creating a "wholesome official-inspired experience" with certain adjustments and liberties taken for story and difficulty. Pokemon Cardinal (hereafter referred to as PC) is a very much exploratory project where I attempted to create something akin to the original games with my personal vision of what I thought would be fun and engaging.​
Pokémon Cardinal is a non-profit Parody of a Pokémon Game which falls under fair use.
No advertisement revenue, donations, or otherwise are accepted on behalf of Pokémon Cardinal.

PC Features
  1. 8 Gyms of combined Pokémon types, for instance a gym may be Steel + Electric. The rationale being this makes the gyms more challenging to defeat rather than simply type matching against a single Pokémon. This does not apply to the earliest gyms however, difficulty scales as the game progresses.
  2. 350 capturable Pokémon which are hand-picked from generations 1-5. (As a result many pokemon have adjusted or re-balanced move-sets)
  3. Fairy types and a gen 6 type chart to facilitate this. Pokémon such as Clefairy have been adjusted to Fairy as they appear in later generation games.
  4. The game has a Nuzlocke mode which is not reccomended for anyone but the most experienced players. (This mode currently only serves to remove fainted Pokémon from the party, it does not modify encounters or capture rules)
  5. Stater Selection between Tyrogue, Solosis, and Sandile. These Pokémon have adjusted move-sets and stats to make them roughly equivalent, with clear benefits to each choice at different stages of the game. (Tyrogue base stats adjusted to 275 for example).
  6. Elite Battle System, Modular Menu, Backup autosaving (does not overwrite save), Animated Pokemon Battlers and a huge pack of animations!
  7. Mega-evolutions (currently looking for an aesprite sprite artist to animate the still-sprites)
  8. Hand-picked soundtracks stemming all the way from Pokemon Trading Card Game (GB) to Pokemon X/Y, even some cameo sound-tracks from other games where appropriate for the mood. All music is from KH-Insider.
  9. Challenging game-play, all gym leaders and most trainers have hand-picked move-sets and held-items to make engaging battles feel rewarding which ramps up through progress in the story-line.
PC Plot
You begin in Earthroot town as the son or daughter to Professor Yew who operates the Pokémon Lab in Anthophil City. Take part in a vanilla-esque story where Team Rocket has captured the vast majority of Cardino region's Pokémon. Trainer's will need to adapt to overcome the more powerful Pokémon that team-rocket has acquired as they thwart their efforts and attain gym badges. The ultimate goal of any Pokémon trainer is to defeat the Pokémon League on Indigo Island, but there is more to the story afterwords. Can you really be satisfied as league champion with the knowledge of Team Rocket stealing Pokémon through some undiscovered means, what role do the legendary Pokémon play in the story? Where is Team Rocket getting the technology they need to accomplish their agenda?​
PC Screenshots
Available in game files or see here: Credits
By downloading this file you agree not to redistribute or re-upload the file without the authors (AiurJordan) express permission, please only redirect people to this relic-castle thread, do not provide the link directly.
[Download] <--- CLICK
The game is in a beta status and incomplete, you may experience bugs so save frequently.
The Demo currently contains​

  • 6 Attainable Gym Badges
  • 24 Zones with Wild-Pokemon
  • 9 Cities & Towns
  • About 18 hours of game-play depending on your pace.
The best way to stay up to date on the game is to join the discord where the project is maintained.​
You can follow the developer at​
Please feel free to provide feedback via the discord, or this Relic Castle thread, the preferred medium Is to post bug reports in the discord as it is the most frequently checked.​
TLDR: Download
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Repaired Download Link, sorry that it was broken!
Updated for 0.3.4 version.
-New reorganized pokedex for Cardino
-350 pokemon total

Game is at an estimated 70% of completion.

-reduced some audio volumes (looking at you confusion)
-added ability to revive fossils
-adjusted some encounter rates
-some trainer's will be more difficult now
-resolves some minor bugs related to dig and caves (not flagged)
-Rebalancing for some pokemon's early move-sets
-Mt. Mauve Interior
-Rt 114
-Rt 113
-Siren's Peak

New Release 0.3.6

- Added evolution methods for all traded pokemon
- Added Rt 115, Rt 116, Soul City
- Fixed several key bugs around Emberton
- Rebalanced all BGM to -15 dB
- New battle themes for evil team, rival, gym leaders, and bosses
- Finished rehashing the new Pokedex of 350 pokemon.

- Several important bug fixes
- Typo corrections
- Soul City Gym is open
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Cardino is all from my imagination, just made up. I hope you enjoy the game and thank you for the reply!