Recruiting Pokémon Christmas adventure


Hey there! I thought it would be fun to make a short fangame that's themed for the holidays. I'd like to release it some time in December so that gives me about 3 months to try and make this. A pretty short time period, but it's a lot more time than game jam projects have so I figure I'd be able to create a pretty cute little game.
Working title is Pokémon Christmas though this may later change.

Game Plot/Gameplay

You have volunteered to deliver kids their dream Pokémon for Christmas.
This involves both interacting with NPCs and finding and catching Pokémon. There isn't going to be too much emphasis on Pokémon battles, it's primarily about exploring the region. Ideally some challenging battles will be included but are optional. Exploring all the hidden nooks and crannies of maps and discovering little secrets has always been my favourite part of playing Pokémon so hopefully this can deliver. Tone will be lighthearted all the way through.

I don't have much to show you yet, but here's the first screenshot.

I'm prepared to do this project by myself but I figure it'd be a good idea to ask around for some help as well. I'm much more likely to actually complete this if I have someone encouraging me plus I'd be able to deliver a better experience than what I'll manage alone.
I'd love for this to be a charming little game and to achieve that my plans aren't too ambitious - I'd be satisfied with an hour of decent gameplay and if I have time, I'll make it a little longer - I'll see how quick progress is. To give it some atmosphere, I plan to try and add a wintery feel to the interface - menus text boxes etc. I'm quite interested in including puzzles and little sidequests and any other little details I can think of in order to make the end product an enjoyable and immersive experience.
Current Progress:
  • Mapped out two towns and two routes, working on some caves and indoor areas right now.
  • Will map up to a third town before focussing on eventing.
  • Implemented Marin's easy quest interface to use as a wishlist and a simple first quest has been added.
  • A couple other little script changes have also occurred.
  • Sprited a female walking sprite for the protagonist, still need to do other variants. Will include male version if I have time.
  • Not started on other overworlds, a few custom ones will need to be made - Ideally I'd like some trainer classes to have seasonal appropriate outfits.
  • Selected DPP music for the game currently though would like to include a few custom tracks that give a more wintery vibe.

What help I'm looking for: (This project is being done with RPG Maker, Pokemon essentials 17.2.)
Any of the following (I don't expect to get all of these filled.)
  • Mapper
  • Overworld + trainer spriter (Gen 4)
  • Composer for some custom music
  • Ideas, writing charming dialogues,
  • Help editing PBS files - so wild encounters and trainer battles.
  • A play tester.

As I'm working on a deadline, this project isn't going to last a long time so I'd appreciate if you were reasonably good with working to some sort of deadline as well. Nothing strict as it's just a project for fun. If you'd just like to give a little help and do only a little mapping or whatever, that's fine.

If you are interested then please just send me a PM on here and then I'll link you to my discord to chat about it. (I'll try to respond as promptly as I can.)

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