Recruiting Pokemon Dream Seasons Bringing together a Whole New Team

Hey Guys I’m Aaghat, I’m really new in making Rom hacks but I have really interesting story, so want to make the game awesome!and that’s why I’m

Here to recruit interested people for my new game Pokemon Dream Seasons, a totally stunning story!

I don’t have much to offer for screenshots or any sprites expect for a short note of the story and these images!

Cause I’m super early on this project and I’m just starting out, but I will tell you more about the story once you are on the team cause I don’t want to spoil the game!

Story Line (just the starting)

It’s been a week since you moved to the kanto region. One day when you woke up you saw a thief in your room!, he ran off when you saw him. You chased him down and retrieved your Pokemon. Their began your journey questing for the Truth of the dark dreams haunting people all across kanto.


Whole New Story

•Three generations of Pokemon (Special Pokemon For different generation are included)

•All 8 Gym Battles

• Many Characters from the Original Series (For eg: Steven,Gary,Misty, etc...)

•New Sprites And tiles

A Black Market from Which you can buy anything but at a high price. Even Pokemon’s are available for sale. ( Which is started by the guy who sold a Magickarp to James)

Read the full story here

•Team Aqua And Team Rocket are Back, Now Working together.

That all I can reveal for now! More features and Easter Eggs 🥚 are in the game

Main Character and Rival

Play as Ace or Twister!

I’m looking for

• sprite editor (for creating main and Evil 🦹‍♂️team characters)

• Tile editor or maker whatever you call them, for map 🗺tiles and everything else that come under the graphics section!

• And some one to create the title image and poster for the game

I don’t think we need any more! If anyone interested in the above mentioned field or any other fields please let me know I will consider using your help ;)

You can contact me at @AaghatP on Twitter or at my discord
Aaghat Pokemon#2527

Before you contact me there is something I would like you to know !

I won’t be able to pay anyone, only join if you want to be a part of great hack of all time (I can’t really say that yet, but it’s gonna be great from the every beginning to the end).

Benefits of joining the team

• Your name will be added in credits!
and you can feature your self in the game.

• You can talk about the game, share screenshots, polls and other features of the game

• You can start a YouTube gaming series even before the game is available for download.

• You will be able earn your name and can work on other big hacks if you are just starting out!

I’m Creating this hack just for fun if want to enjoy join the team ;)
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All fan games are great. lol And all of them said the same things. lol
The story is really unique and amazing in it’s on way. I can bet you that you have never played a Pokemon game with this unique story line. you will understand when the game is realised. Don’t worry I will send you the game when it’s finished