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Doing this Game Jam alone was an absurd amount of work due to how much time I spent on eventing and writing in general. I'm still going at it alone, but as I start to add more complex systems, things are getting more and more complicated. I don't need anything complex, just more eyes to review the work basically.
[Recruiting for Pocket Monster Project: Vigorous City]

  • Looking to recruit:
Spriters - My sprites for this game were rushed for the Game Jam, so I want someone to do them justice.

Testers/QA - People to review the game and not only make sure things run bug-free, but the cutscenes are clean, the dialogue isn't bad, the writing doesn't have grammar issues, and the gameplay isn't intrusive and annoying.

Eventer - The majority of the game's systems are done by eventing, but as I said, everything was rushed for the Game Jam. Someone to review all the old events would be nice.

Mapper - My mapping sucks. I honestly want someone to just do them all over.

Scene assistance - I kind of want someone to help brainstorm scenes and events for this game. This game doesn't have a purely linear story, so a brainstorming group would be really great.

  • Project Title: Pocket Monster Project - Vigorous City
  • Team Name/Team Members: Ouroboro
  • Progress/Screenshots: I released this game for the Relic Castle Game Jam # 5. It has progress up to the end of the prologue. Game Jam Thread
  • Method of Contact: Relic Castle in messages or Discord in DMs. Twitter too, but you don't need to know my Twitter.
  • Additional Information: Not much.
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