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Demo Pokemon Tempo Rising


It's finally ready! Pokemon Tempo Rising version 2!

One year later, the game is brand new! It's been reworked from start to the new finish, and now Tempo Rising is a whole new game, and has a custom soundtrack! Please check it out! I've already updated the resource pack and this thread's OP if you need a refresher. I hope you'll give the game a try at least just to hear the great stuff DogzNDogz113 has composed.

If you played before, I strongly recommend starting a new game. I didn't force save files to break, but you're missing out on a ton of reworked and new content. If you insist on keeping an old file (again, I don't recommend) then saving in the Mythic Forest where the game begins is probably the safest place. Pretty much every other area has been redesigned and you're likely to get stuck in a wall if you just boot up the new version.

Thanks for reading my whole post, here's the download!
Changelog for release version 2
♫ New music and audio composed by DogzNDogz113 ♫
Route names are no longer just mashups of the cities they connect (updated names are used in this changelog)
Credits written properly in the game script and not just in the .txt file (how credits are accessed in game is yet to be seen as there's no ending)

> Swing Sandbar
> Hymn Hills
> Bolero City
> +2 Performance circles
> A burst of inspiration when earning a gym badge
> Ambient Pokemon Cries, and BGS
> Nameplates on text boxes for important characters and Pokemon (Because honestly, every Pokemon is important)
> Fishing and the Fishing Rod
> Trainers are now in the game proper!
> More sidequests and Inspiration

> Natural chances for wild Pokemon to be shiny and/or have pokerus (Each is about a 1.5% chance now)
> Shiny Charm but it's not in the game yet
> Bike speed
> Following Pokemon interactions got cleaned up, added to, sprites improved and pickup items pools expanded

> Minor bug/spelling/metadata/audio fixes!
> Warps that were going to the wrong city now act like they're suppossed to
> The Pokedex was displaying as both the Kanto and Regional dexes
> Patched a visual effect that made wading through water look...glitchy. Characters will now stay completely under water/grass when walking through it

> Ace trainers are gayer
> Chasse Ruins
> Cadence City and opened up the Cadence Underground
> Uprock Beach
> Labamba Brushwood
> Moombahton Island and opened up the Moombahton Cave
> Mythedge Village to include the Mythedge Greenhouse, which is now open
> Slide Shoreline and opened up the Slide Cave
> Tweaked the level scaling system (for both wild Pokemon and trainers)
> Some tiles were updated and new graphics added
> Changed how performance circles work- they now have unique inspiration values required instead of all being late game content
> Dance battles now have better cues, and there's a practice/tutorial area now in Cadence Town
> TMs have been pulled from shops and can now be found instead. There's a TM list.TXT now included with their locations

Also, there's a badge now!

If you play enough to have collected 3 of the teleportation charms, you can hit up Relic Castle staff and get this cute little Meloetta to hang out under your username on all your posts!
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Sorry I've got one more patch, I made a mistake while editing last time. It's not a crash but one of the gyms isn't working!

There's a trainer in Uprock Gym who acts like you already battled her and so you can't challenge the leader? Here's a tiny download to fix that. It's not the whole game this time so just drop this file into the Data folder and override the existing file. Done!

As I write this I'm uploading version 2.2 again, so anyone who downloads the full game after this won't have to apply the fix.


I caught a Dhelmise, saved, and when I tried to open the Pokemon screen the game got a weird error and crashed. Now the game crashes when I go to the file select screen with the same error.


I found another, I'm not even sure how to categorize this, a bug I guess you would call it. I'm using both Shedinja and Ninjask on my team temporarily but something weird happens between the two that I'm not sure how to describe. It's like any changes that are made to the moves of one of the pokemon gets applied to the other. When I taught my Shedinja Spite in the third moveslot it overwrote the third move slot on Ninjask with spite even though Ninjask can't learn Spite except by move tutor. Also when I have either use a move in battle it takes PP away from both Ninjask and Shedinja as if they both used the move. I even tested it by removing Shedinja from the party and using a TM on Ninjask to see if Shedinja and the same move it had the same move in the same slot as Ninjask. It's not anything game breaking or anything but it is very weird and thought I should bring it to your attention.