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Starry eyed
You can probably tell exactly where I ran out of jam time but I think there's enough game here to be worth playing.

Whether by luck or by fate, you've encountered a mythical Pokemon and formed a psychic bond. Now you're on a journey with your Pokemon to find inspiration together and discover Meloetta's true potential.

Download Pokemon Tempo Rising Here!
The latest version is 1.1
Don't know what version you have? It should say in the bottom left of the titlescreen. If your titlescreen says Pokemon Essentials, please update!

This game is designed to be free range. I guess I might mean "Open World" but it's not as if there's a large open field with infinite directions to travel in, so by calling it free range I mean that it's got features like these:
>You can completely ignore the story and what characters tell you to do
>Wild Pokemon and trainers will scale with your party, so do things in any order you want
>Gym badges can't stop you. No field move is locked behind a gym badge, no one will ever stop you from leaving town without a badge, and you can get those badge in any order, or even not at all.
>Gym leaders will rematch you as often as you want! So fight them again and again if you want to get rewards or just want to see all the different teams they'll use.
>The region map isn't filled out, at least not with route markers. If a character mentions a certain area or asks you to travel somewhere, they'll try to mark the path for you.
>There's 100% optional areas that you can choose to ignore or explore at any time. That cave might not lead anywhere new, but it might be worth checking out to see what exclusive pokemon and items can be found in there...
>Fast travel isn't locked behind a certain milestone of the game or having to carry a Pokemon that knows Fly. Just visit your nearest Gatehouse and you can go between any other Gatehouse you've visited before.
>Major roadblocks don't pretend to be time based or require specific little tasks (like gym badges), most problems can be solved by travelling with your partner and getting more inspired, and little bits of inspiration are found everywhere.

Other Features:
>Following Pokemon! The first Pokemon in your party can be toggled as a following partner, and there's a bunch of new little interactions that can change based on things like location and weather.
>Catching Mechanics: Earn exp for catching Pokemon, and have the option of switching them into the party immediately.
>Unreal Time: Some Pokemon might only appear at night or might appear more often in the day, but time moves fast so you don't worry about resetting your system clock.
>Elite Battle System: Battles look great, thanks Luka!
>Breeding: Heck yeah the daycare is in get those egg moves and hidden abilities.

Why did HeroVoltsy get a shiny Zorua and I didn't get a Pokemon?
A: It's an easter egg! If your character is named Voltsy, or Jasmine, you'll get a shiny Zorua.

Q: Are there other easter egg names?
A: Heck yeah. I love adding gifts for my friends so there's a bunch of names and you might even find something by accident.

Q: Why do I have to play as the boy character? Why do I have to play as the girl character?
A: The character is chosen at random, you can reset if it really bothers you. I prefer to write without using pronouns, but both protagonist's pronouns are they/them.

Q: What's the shiny rate?
A: Normal. Adopting an egg from the daycare has a good chance of being shiny though, and there are other gift/event Pokemon. If you wanna have a giggle, there's also some names you can give your character (Glitter, Glimmer, Shimmer, Sparkle, or Shiny) that will make your whole game shiny. (some stuff is shiny locked though and won't be affected)

Q: Which Pokemon are available?
A: There's not a plan, I just add whatever suits the areas I design. At time of writing I can say that all the starters from generations 1-5 are available, and there's also some Alolan forms and split evolutions.

Q: Was that a reference to another fan game?
A: Probably, I like fan games and I'm not subtle about it.

Q: Why isn't this working with my emulator? What emulator do I need? Can I play this on mobile?
A: This game isn't played with an emulator, so if someone told you it was playable on mobile, they lied!

Known issues I'm really sorry about but didn't have time to address yet:
>Route music is really generic and doesn't fit with the rest of the soundtrack
>There's not really any regular trainers yet, only the special/important ones
>There's no credits sequence or clear ending yet
>There's obvious content gates where stuff was cut for completion time
>There's still an error with getting a badge without actually beating the gym leader
>Talking to the MC in Uprock Gym makes the game think you already faced the elite 4

Note for devs: If you want something from the game please download the resource pack, but don't rip or take files directly from the game, most of this stuff is a resource and not made by me. The game files are totally open though if you wanna look at stuff.

Pokémon Essentials

Poccil (Peter O.)

With contributions from:
AvatarMonkeyKirby<s>Luka S.J.
Boushy<s>MiDas Mike
Brother1440<s>Near Fantastica
Genzai Kawakami<s>Popper
Jacob O. Wobbrock<s>the__end
Lisa Anthony<s>Wachunga
and everyone else who helped out

"RPG Maker XP" by:

Pokémon is owned by:
The Pokémon Company
Affiliated with Game Freak

Gen 4 Sound effects by Deo


Deo's custom Day & Night tones for Pokemon Essentials
Following Pokemon by mej71, based off of work by Help-14, zingzags, Rayd12smitty, and venom12
Add newly caught pokemon to the party by Jonas930
Script Utilities and Common Tiles by Marin
Simple Exit Arrows by Tustin2121
Unreal Time System by FL

Elite Battle System


• GameFreak | Original sprites from B/W/2 games
• | Ripping the sprites from B2/W2 roms
• Luka S.J. | Indexing and formatting the sprites
• PinkCatDragon | GIF to PNG conversion
• Tebited15 | B/W styled trainer Red sprite
• Spriters-Resource (redblueyellow) | Gen 5 ball sprites

Battle Backgrounds:

• Eli | Ripping and compiling the backgrounds
• lilatraube | Some B2/W2 battle bases

Custom UI:

• Luka S.J. | Design, formatting and implementation


• Luka S.J. | Elite Battle System
• Maruno | General help and support
• PinkCatDragon | GIF to PNG converter
• Pokémon Essentials | Base system

Sound Effects:

• GameFreak | Original sound effects from B/W/2 games
• BadSamaritan | Ripping the sound effects


Gen 5 Overworlds by Radical Raptr
Tiles by princess-phoenix, Zeo254, Magiscarf, Kyledove
Pokemon icons by Pikachumazzinga

Gen 7 Overworlds

Gen VI Overworlds


-Formatted by Sparta
GenI-V Overworlds


Smogon XY Sprite Project

Gen 7 Sprite Pack
kaji atsu
The cynical poet
Falgaia of the Smogon S/M sprite project

A-Exeggutor Fix/Multiple Dex Forms scripts by Marcello
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The beetle is waking up
Ok so I played around for about an hour ish, being quite leisurely and I'll just put down my thoughts for now, along with some bugs.

Might be a bit early to say, but I really feel like you outdid yourself with this one aki. Right off the bat the character, colour and energy of the game is fantastic. Little interactions like the painting on the walls and the sandcastle building really add together to make this such a cute and amazing world. Even music coming on for when you turn on the TVs! Such a nice little touch. Actually most of the music in the game is quite snazzy and adds to the nice active hippity hoppity mood of the game.

A lot of nice gameplay changes too, nice to see the taking the pokeball container returning from birdcall. Saving after healing is nice, especially since this being a jam game and all, it has its fair share of bugs.

The dance battle is a cool idea but I'll be honest, I'm a bit lost on how it actually works. I sort of just spammed fierce and if I got lucky and we both had 3hp each, I'd use my signature move. I'd be interested in seeing how that actually works, it looks like a promising little minigame.

Onto the bugs I guess:
-After battling Karie, if you talk to her it crashes your game
-Sorry I can't remember the name of the place, but the ruins where the jen person hangs out, it's very minor but is it set as indoor in metadata because the night tone suddenly disappeared when I entered the area
-Again with me being bad at names, but in the town to the west near the forest, if you enter the pokecenter you actually end up in uprock pokecenter, or at least the exit for the pokecenter takes you to uprock beach.

But yes aki, I will defs be playing through this more, definitely an Aki game from the feels of everything, you really made something good here, be proud.


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Picked this up because I have a soft spot for Gen.5's artstyle, and I'm enjoying it a lot so far! Custom Music is very appreciated, it gives the whole Game a fresh feeling. Sam goes with all the small details Tomix mentioned above already, I couldn't help but to laugh as those Farbeagle painted, it's just one of these adorable details that make me smile. I'll definitely continue playing....

....once you've fixed an error I unfortunately came across, as the game closes itself after displaying the following error message:

It started when I lost in Cadence Gym against the first Trainer, since the moment my Pokemon were healed their following icon has vanished regardless which member is placed on the first slot. I can still turn around and talk to my folloing 'Mon and their cry plays, but then said error message pops up:



Starry eyed
Picked this up because I have a soft spot for Gen.5's artstyle, and I'm enjoying it a lot so far! Custom Music is very appreciated, it gives the whole Game a fresh feeling. Sam goes with all the small details Tomix mentioned above already, I couldn't help but to laugh as those Farbeagle painted, it's just one of these adorable details that make me smile. I'll definitely continue playing....

....once you've fixed an error I unfortunately came across, as the game closes itself after displaying the following error message:
Yay I'm glad you like! I think I know what's causing this error, can you remember where you re-spawned after blacking out?


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Yes, I respawned at the gatehouse connecting Mythedge Village with Mambedge Route in front of the nurse located there.


i can see that u put a lot of effort into this, but i thing i would like to point out is that you dont really have much of a summary or sales pitch to draw in people. sure, your cover page has lots of cool features, but so do lots of other hacks. the best way to draw interest is to make your hack stand out, and the best way to do that, is to hint at the 1 thing that is the most likely to be unique to your hack: the plot.
Was the Zorua unique for Herovoltsy? I didn't get it after getting the quickballs from the parents.
It's unique, but anyone can get it! The game is rigged to check for certain player names and give out gifts or special affects. So you can name your own character things like:
"Voltsy" or "Jasmine" = get a shiny Zorua
"Satoshi" or "Ash" = get a special Pikachu
"Good Egg", "Baby", or "I'm Baby" = get a random egg that has a shiny baby/starter

In a normal playthrough you'll just get quickballs in that scene.

I've added more game and done bugfixes so hopefully there'll be an update released tomorrow
I said I was gonna update today and I meant it! Link is in the main post which has been cleaned up.
Still pretty obviously incomplete but there were some big bugs I wanted to fix...

Added Cadence City and the Cadence Ruins!
Moombaton Island actually has encounters now (cave still blocked though)
Fairy type was in already, but now Pokemon besides Sylveon actually have it
Fixed a bug where you'd enter the Pokemon Center/Gym in one city and exit it in another city
Corrected a whole bunch of tiny things (spelling, audio/visual errors) pointed out by Buttjuice and Tomix. Thanks!
Changed all trade evolutions to other methods
Uprock Gym trainers will be counted towards Professor Camphora's task
Made teleportation charms work. Yay fast travel!
Made tamed Cofagrigus as big as wild ones
Made sure Beds are still comfy but they're not as comfy
Same for Gatehouses

When updating:
1. Please make sure you are not in the Cadence gym or on the Cadedge Route. These maps have moved/changed and you might get stuck in a wall or something.

2. Please get yourself to a Pokemon Center and heal there. If your follower disappeared/broke after whiting out, respawning at a Pokemon Center should fix it. (In the updated version the healing beds/gatehouses are still there, I just changed it so they're not set as respawn points anymore and that'll prevent this from happening.)

3. If you've never updated before, good news! It's super easy! Saves are stored in a separate spot on your computer, so just get to a safe spot in your game, save there, and then delete the whole game folder. The new download is still the complete game and it'll pull from your same save file.

So what's new?
This is mostly a bug fix update but I hate releasing a new version without new content, so be sure to check out the Cadence Ruins and talk to talk to people in the Gatehouses.

Cadence City still isn't filled out, it's pretty much only got the Pokemon Center and the Gym so far. Unless there's more major bugs, I'm gonna take some time to make the next update actually substantial.


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Progressed a little today, and I'm really liking where this Game is going so far! You did a great job on this.

I came across some errors that'd appreciate some fixing in further updates:
Haha, I completely forgot that Chatter can be used outside of battle until I saw it as an option on my Chatot. If choosing to do so, the following error pops up and closes the Game afterwards. I'd recommend to get rid of the possibility of selecting Chatter as it is pointless on a PC.

The National Dex is not working, it fails to load the list.

Pangoro's sprite appears to be too big as the health bar cuts into his head. This is nothing ultra-important that needs fixing, it just looks somewhat off.

Now for something positive among all these nasty bugs:
I've been so delighted over being able to take that Eevee from Prof. Camphora!~ I so hope that there'll be a chance to evolve it into a Sylveon along the way, as it lacks Baby-Doll Eyes in their movepool. Still, free Eevee! <3


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I think I'm through with the current version as I explored everything that's accessible and can't find any more sources of inspiration for my Meloetta, and I really enjoyed the ride! +Watch, looking forward to see more content added at some point, it's amazing to see what a GameJam can get started.

Had fun building a music-inspired Team of Pokemon to keep up with the feel of this project. ^v^

Yes, I obviously avoided taking on the Gyms and didn't fight every wild Pokemon I came across, and there are barely any Trainers you have fight ┐( ̄∀ ̄ )┌
I get along fine with just five Pokemon with me. ^_^

If if it's okay for me to make suggestions, adding some sort of journal in-game where you collect the zhings that inspire your Meloetta would be nice and handy, as that way you can be certain that you didn't miss out any posibility. I noticed that text-doc titled 'Inspiration' in the gamefolder too late, I'm so sorry

This, and an NPC that introduces you to/explains dance battles would be helpful, like Tomix already pointed out. I think I got how it works after engaging in a few though. Such a nice change of pace from usual Pokemon Battles!~
Aki, I made some overworld effects, like Grass, Water Bubble and Shadow Overworld. If you want:

P.S: I would like to post these resource here (RC Forum) but I can't and IDK why. :/

Amazing game! <3
Ooh I'm gonna try out the water bubbles for sure :3c

You should be able to post it as a resource? Make sure you're doing it from the actual Resource Section, not as a thread. The threads in Tutorial and Resource Discussion are created automatically when a resource is posted.
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Meloetta is one of my favorite legends, glad to see that she finally gets the spotlight! Downloading the game now and so excited!!!!!!


Finally got to the end of the 1.1 beta, really enjoyed it, can't find anymore sources of inspiration for Meloetta but thoroughly enjoyed the game and the refreshing new concept :D
You versus the game she tells you not to worry about B)

Sorry for teasing without an actual update! It just feels like the development is taking forever when I've been working so long, while the initial game was done in a month, so I wanted to share some comparison screenshots. Wish you could hear these because DogzNDogz113 is amazing.

New content though??
Well I don't really wanna spoil the new stuff so...have some close ups with no context.


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The Tempo Rising expansion pass looks great!

In all seriousness, I really like the graphical update. It makes the visuals more charming imo? I honestly can't wait to see what new content you'll add!