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However, I just find out that the Pearls in Sandy Cove respawn if the player sells the Big Pearl at a shop. This is presumably done so that the player does not permanently lock off the Dowsing Machine if the player decides to sell the Big Pearl rather than exchange it for the Machine.


Version 1.4.0 is out. This time it's a significant graphical overhaul.

Some of the more significant changes:
  • Screen size increased. So now there's more room on the GUI and more of the maps are visible. This should make it easier to navigate some maps, especially those like Mojave Jungle which require the player to avoid overworld Pokémon to avoid hurting their party.
  • Nearly every part of the GUI got redone. Mouse controls can also be enabled for use in battles and for the start menu.
  • Tons of redesigns; almost every Pokemon that can be found before the 2nd gym got re-sprited in some way.
  • Map connections are removed, and now every map uses transfers. I noticed the performance of the game is noticeably better than before, even when compressed.

New Pokémon available:

Buoychin, found in Sandy Town and its surrounding areas. Water-type. It's normally very light and floaty, but once it protrudes its spines, its body becomes dense enough to sink to the ocean floor. This Pokémon is most dangerous to clumsy people who accidentally step on it on beaches, or children who want to play with it because of its cute appearance.

Inflatant, which can be found in Mojave Jungle when special conditions are met. Bug-type. It lives around plants to consume sap and nectar, which its body stores for energy later. It uses its antennae to test the quality of the food before eating it. People enjoy eating Inflatant because the liquid its body digests tastes like honey, but better.

Mairkura, which can be found at the Farm near Gobi Village when special conditions are met. Ghost/Dark-type. It awakens at night near towns and invades the dreams of anyone asleep, resulting in the victims having horrible nightmares. It used to be a Dreamare that became corrupted after being exposed to otherworldly energy. It's speculated that it eats Dreamare in hopes of fixing its body.

There are no new gyms; however some areas got completely redone from scratch (notably Gobi Forest, Route 6, Gobi Gym, and Kalahari Gym), one new area got added (Kolora Outpost, so now there isn't as long of a stretch from Sahara City to Kalahari City) and a few routes got modified (Route 5's bottom half and the Color Rock entrance).

If you are moving your old save file from 1.3, be sure to save in the middle of a Pokémon Center before moving to 1.4, to avoid conflicts with map/event changes.


PBS Data:

Version 1.4.0 Changelog:
-Upgraded from Essentials 16.2 to Essentials 17.2. Associated changes are here:
-Upgraded from EBS 2015 to EBS 17.2
-Increased screen size from 256x192 to 370x240
-Added mouse functionality in battle and for the start menu (toggleable in Options menu)
-Modified battle UI
-Redid party screen UI
-Redid Pokémon summary UI
-Redid Pokédex UI
-Rewrote some Pokédex entries
-Redid region map
-Redid Bag UI
-Redid Trainer Card
-Redid Pokémon Storage System UI
-Removed Withdraw/Deposit options
-Exiting from the Pokémon Storage System will now completely log the player out of the PC
-Redid Pokémon Center healing animation
-Redid Poké Mart UI
-Changed border design and changed border ratio so screen size can be adjusted to 16:9
-Changed default font to FRLG
-Changed battlebacks and battlebases
-Renumbered Routes
-Redid Gobi Forest
-Redesigned Gobi Village Gym
-Redesigned Kalahari City Gym
-Modified Route 5
-Modified Color Rock entrance
-Redid Route 6
-Added Kolora Outpost between between Sahara City and Kalahari City, which contains a Pokémon Center
-Removed all map connections from the game
-Updated Lass, Youngster, Breeder, Hiker, Young Couple, Poké Maniac, Poké Fan, Nite, Eve, Yucca, Stein, Gemma, Roy, Biv sprites
-Updated all Trainer transitions and added special transitions for Roy and Biv
-Newly available Pokémon: Mairkura, Buoychin, Inflatant
-Minor: Platsplash, Dropokol (formerly Kowomnut), Tumbli, Drygon, Muskle, Veneon, Ironeon, Parabox, Gondolog, Bubbelo
-Moderate: Dengo, Olvee, Tauring, Taurmera, Shrimbur, Volglee, Thorniust
-Major: Doongo, Nimbian, Komodon, Beelzebug, Larvuzz, Flydra, Velocisect, Drakeon, Bouldeon, Pesteon, Windeon, Chickatoo, Clownun, Jugduo, Jestrio, Eleclee, Waddalog, Apololo, Dianan
-Re-typed Tauring to Normal/Fighting
-New abilities
-Thorny: Identical to rough skin and Iron Barbs
-Bull Charge: Boosts next attack by 1.5x if received direct damage during the turn
-Updated receiving Badge animation
-Created new wild battle theme
-Added some following sprites
-Shortened wild/trainer battle transitions
-Throwing animation is now skipped in wild battles if a follower is out before the battle starts
-Shiny rate adjusted to 1/1024
-Added more shiny sprites
-Changed character dialogue and fixed typos
-Fixed bug with Paralyze Heal not being available at the Pokémon Center
-Fixed tile/passability errors

Hey there! I'm not sure if it has been reported already but I found a tiling error in one of the houses in the first city. I have the picture but I'm not sure how to post it.


Hey there! I'm not sure if it has been reported already but I found a tiling error in one of the houses in the first city. I have the picture but I'm not sure how to post it.
Upload it to imgur and post the link here or PM me

or if you have the city name and location I can probably find it myself

Upload it to imgur and post the link here or PM me

or if you have the city name and location I can probably find it myself
Got it. It's at Nite's House downstairs (right next to it actually). I actually have a video of it since I do Lets Plays lol Its on 8:34 of the video I'm posting.


Update for bug fixes and remaining shiny sprites

Version 1.4.3

Version: 1.4.2

Version 1.4.3
-Changed cries of Rypeck, Rybeak, Nimbian, Konimbus, Beelzebug
-Changed some NPC/trainer sprites (Sahara receptionists, Beauty, Battle Girl, Black Belt, Tuber, Bird Keeper, Schoolkid, Punk Girl, Biker, Fisherman)
-Adjusted some maps
-Fixed bug with Pokémon Center healing automatically after blacking out in a restricted location
-Fixed bug on Route 11 where turbine blades sometimes stay on screen after entering windmill
-Fixed bug where boats don't tint based on time of day
-Fixed bug where opponent's party status doesn't display properly in double battles with more than one opponent
-Fixed visual errors in Fly and Dark-type move animations
-Fixed bug where following Pokémon footsteps show in sand even when the following Pokémon isn't out
-Changed Dazzling Gleam to hit all opposing opponents in double battles
-Misc. event changes
-Updated Aychem front sprite

Version 1.4.2
-Fixed tile/passability errors
-Misc. event changes/bug fixes
-Fixed Metal Claw animation sound bug
-Added Medunaga and Ledian front shiny sprites

Version 1.4.1
-Fixed evolutionary stones
-Fixed icon sprite positions in Pokédex for larger sprites
-Fixed icon sprite visibility in PC box for larger sprites
-Readjusted Pokemon front sprite position in PC
-Updated Ratation, Revolster, and Junkster's following sprite
-Updated Jynx, Revolster, and Jestrio's back sprite
-Added more shiny sprites
-Fixed Pilove's shiny sprite
-Fixed tile/passability errors
-Fixed updating issue where Liz won't show up for her Gym Battle in 1.4 if player entered the Day Care without finishing battling her in 1.3
-Made talking to Liz for the egg after beating her optional, since this could cause a lock if the player game overs with a poisoned Pokémon immediately after beating her
-Updated disclaimer splash screen
-Fixed bug with Farm scientist not giving gift even if player caught >= 30 Pokémon
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