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Fire-Type Emblem


Fire-type Emblem
A wanderer Zorua arrives into an unknown land where the strong Pokémon exploit the weak. By accidentally recovering a Riolu's stolen item, Zorua set a target onto their back, left to be chased by several Pokémon. A chance arises, as the only way for Zorua to regain piece, they must venture to defeat the Pokémon who command the land.


Known Bugs:
  • Special attacks don't have animations;
  • Poison terrain has no effects;
In order to make it up for the jam, several parts of the game are unfinished so it'll feel lacking. Nevertheless, I hope you can enjoy the little there is!
(You can use PageUp and PageDown to change your view angle.)

Fire-Type Emblem (MediaFire)

Audio Resources
Graphics Resources

Victor Saint
Koei Tecmo
The Pokémon Company
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Not gonna lie, I was really blown away with this entry, it's a shame that I can't seem to figure out what you're suppose to do at the second battle. There seems to be no way you can win in the second battle, not by actually fighting which is the only thing I think you can do, thus results in the game ending. I see in the screenshots that there is a lot more to the game, so I must be doing something wrong. Please let me know how to continue since I'm pretty interested in this entry! Nonetheless here's some things I noted in the short time while playing:
"Goods" is kind of an understatement, the title screen looks amazing, and you have a custom icon so that's a plus.

This entry is so unique, and visually looks amazing. I don't think I've played a game jam, or any pokemon fan game that had the tactics styled game to it so this was a first for me.

The portraits, sprites, and world all look beautiful.

Unique battle system not like any Pokémon game.

Music choice is very fitting.

The title screen is way too quiet, so I turned my headphones up quite a bit and tehn started the game to very loud music. Could use a little balancing.

If possible, changing "Ally Turn" to "Player Turn" could make more sense, though not necessary.

The AI for the first battle does absolutely no damage and instead just walks around, I get that it's the first battle but I still feel they should attack and just not do much damage to still guarantee the player a win as long as they're trying.

The UI for saving could benefit from telling the player how to save, as the only button that seems to work is "X" which doesn't save and instead backs out of the save. There is no way to save it seems. (I tried C, Enter, and Space which all work in battle and in game to tell the text box to go to the next message.)

Minor typo in the Pawniard's text "this the last resort" should be "This is the last resort"

Pawniards act like you win by saying you're tough when you lose against them, and then get the game over scene.


My crown is made from the Yellow Pages
Yea. I already found the font online and installed it, but it should be included in the game.

Also, I can't seem to get past the 2nd battle, much like Buttjuice. I keep doing 1 damage, get getting hit by 30. I cannot seem to find a way to defeat

Edit: There also doesn't seem to be a way to save. I can press X and not save, but no matter what key I press, Z, spacebar, enter, C, none save the game.
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My crown is made from the Yellow Pages
Describing my issues with the game so far:

The game is pretty unplayable rn, at least for me. It's lacking the fonts, so it crashes until they're installed (had to google them).
Cant seem to save at all. I can press X to not save, but pressing enter, z, spacebar, c, they all give a "invalid" SE.
Guarding doesnt do much, or anything at all.
The 1st battle the pokemon flee from you even though they sound like they're going to battle you
2nd battle you do almost no damage at all (just 1dmg. Foes have 40HP), yet get 30 damage done to you (2-3HKO). I tried escaping, but the option is always greyed out.

I also lack RMVX to edit the game myself and allow myself to progress, so it is quite the bummer.

Having said that though, the game is honestly very pretty! Being a big SRPG fan, it warms my heart to see someone making a "Final Fantasy: Tactics" Pokemon game, and can honestly see myself playing it to completion! But at the same time, all the issues kinda leave me heartbroken as well. I do hope the game can be patched/updated in time to fix these issues.


Apologies for the oversights. I had not playtested the game properly. Found a couple more bugs on the remainder and missing graphics and uploaded a new version with fixes. Still haven't figured out the saving problem...
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