Work in Progress Pokémon Wild World


Let us leave the modern world and go back, back, back... to centuries before the Pokémon world we know today. You are one of the Draconid people, an old clan who are the lorekeepers of the dragons. That is your family story, anyway. You are content to live a quiet life on the family farm, until your mother receives a summons from the capitol. The services of the lorekeepers are required. Your mother is too old for the grueling journey, so you go in her place. As you journey through the untamed wilds, small villages, and eventually huge castles, you will unravel more and more about your purpose, and it has to do with the sightings of a large green dragon seen soaring through the sky.

I am happy to announce Pokémon: Wild World, currently in development. This will be my second game. Pokémon: Old Amber is for all purposes finished, although I will be providing a future update to add in extra difficulty modes and Generation 8 pokémon later. While Old Amber aimed to provide a completionist experience for fans of the Gold/Silver games who wanted to be able to catch all the pokémon from generations 1 through 7, Wild World goes in a MUCH different direction.

For starters, I have gone the Sword/Shield route and trimmed the Pokédex. I may add in the rest as post-game content, but as of now, the Pokédex is limited to 500 pokémon, which will still keep you busy. I have eliminated many of the useless (Unown), redundant (Plusle and Minun), or out of place (Porygon) pokémon. Like Old Amber, the male and female Nidoran are combined. I have also eliminated ALL of the traditional Grass/Fire/Water starters from the core games (yes, even your favorite), MOST of the legendary and mythical pokémon (there are only 12), and I also trimmed down the list of Dragon pokémon because they are supposed to be rare and mysterious. Perhaps most controversially, I have eliminated the entire Eevee line. If that last bit doesn't make you run away from this game, keep on reading.

The Normal type has been altered. Rather than simply being "typeless", I decided to make "normalcy" an actual force. It's an anti-magic force. It's supereffective against Fairy, it is weak to Fighting and Dragon, it resists Psychic and Fairy, and it retains its mutual immunity to Ghost. Rock also loses its resistance to Normal.

Poké Balls have been replaced with Apricorns. Different Apricorns have different effects, so the mechanics are similar. You can harvest Apricorns from trees that eventually grow back, or you can buy them from vendors.

The story is much different than the traditional Pokémon plot of collecting badges and battling the Elite Four. There's none of that. Instead, the storyline is more like a traditional fantasy JRPG. There is more room for exploration and sidequests.

Speaking of sidequests, there are several wild pokémon that will only appear if certain conditions are met. For example, in a certain haunted forest, Phantump will start appearing if you get lost. This is the only way to catch a Phantump, but it also means that your pokémon will start mysteriously fainting one-by-one until they are all gone and the forest claims you. Another example is Zorua being disguised as random NPCs. Ralts will only appear if your team's happiness is above a certain threshold, since it can sense emotions and only shows itself to kind trainers.

Magic replaces technology in a lot of instances. Instead of HMs, you have "spells", which function as items rather than moves while still requiring certain types of pokémon to be used.

There's no edginess for the sake of being edgy, but this still has a more mature storyline than the official games. Your character is a young adult on a mission of importance rather than fun.

TMs are now "Tomes" and are reusable.

There are no gym leaders, but there are optional "Masters". They are more challenging than gym leaders, but they are optional battles that grant you rewards, such as Tomes.

Aside from early trainers, enemy trainers in this game have better teams than what you would find in the official games. However, they are also fewer in number.

Like Old Amber, trainers cannot use items during battle, but held items are permitted. In fact, potions, full restores, etc. don't even exist in this game. Berries will be your primary healing items. If you get paralyzed mid-battle, and your pokemon isn't holding a Berry that can heal it, you're just going to have to deal with being paralyzed until the battle is over.

The world of Velich

The region you are in is called Velich (veh-leech), meaning "Majestic" in the Draconid language. It was once called "The Land Touched By Dragons" by peoples in the East. The Great Cataclysm of 300 years ago broke the land, splitting the continent into two, forming new mountains, and leaving parts of the lands as desolate wastes. More recently, Velich was once again struck by tragedy when the West attempted to secede from the monarchy 40 years ago, thus sparking the Velichan Civil War that once again ravaged the land. It is in this context that you find yourself, a West Velichan and descendant of the Draconid tribe living a quiet life on Starly Farm until the tumultuous events of the broader world pull you out of that peaceful life and force you to confront monumental powers.

The vision behind Wild World

Wild World is heavily inspired by Zelda as well as JRPG games like Breath of Fire and Golden Sun. It also borrows the centrality of lore and talking to NPCs from the Elder Scrolls series. This game is best played with a curious mindset. Talk to the NPCs, read lore journals to learn more about the world and the story, solve mysteries in creative ways, and seek out the secrets of the world. Most importantly, leave behind your notions about what a pokémon should be and instead think about what can be.

I'm interested. How can I help?

Quite honestly, the only thing I really need help with is promotional graphic design. If you can make good intro animations and splash screens, or a logo, I would be very interested in speaking with you.