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Help Rookie Questions


Hi hi! Feraligamer here.

I'm developing a HGSS style pokemon fangame on my free time on college. Whenever possible I look for stuff here on the foruns and watch Thundaga's tutorials, but I have some questions I haven't being able to find answers to until now. Can you guys help me?

1) Is there any good site for people to get their pkmn soundtracks? Up until now I'm getting my music effects from PocketMonstersMusic youtube channel, but even this one doesn't have all musics (professor Oak's intro music for instance I can't find AT ALL on the internet). I was able to get all sound effects here.
2) How can I separate battle music from their intro on essentials? When I find wild pokemon and the music ends, for instance, it will play again from the grass intro instead of just the battle. I think there might be similar to how trainer intros work, but I have no idea were would I put the battle intro SE.
3) I copied all the pokemon cries to outside its folder for letting me do pokemon sounds on events. If I delete the cries folder now, will essentials have some problem/bug because of it?
4) Which rules should I pay atention to when editing my windowskins? I was able to upgrade the deffault ones to their gen IV equivalent thanks to Mr. Gela, but my goal is to have the HGSS style ones. Time and time again I try to crop them into that square-like form, but the end result is always they appearing side by side instead of a single windowskin. It is possible at all to implement those on essentials?

That is it for now. I would appreciate if someone could help me out, and I wish whoever reads this thread the best of luck on their own projects =D




Really busy right now, contact me thru email