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Doing it myself and it still isn't done right
Alright, I've been talking about this on the Relic Castle, PokeCommunity, and Game Dev Cafe discords as well as posting updates for it on my DeviantArt. It's about time I do an official announcement about it on Relic Castle.

What is PEG5?

PokEssentials Gen 5, or as I like to call it, PEG5, is a heavily modified version of Essentials v17 geared towards making Gen 5 (BW, BW2) styled Pokemon games. Originally just supposed to be an updated version of Essentials BW, PEG5 has evolved into something pretty different than it, focusing more on overworld gameplay than just improving UI. It comes with tilesets specifically designed for the game and has scripts from many other prominent members of the PokeRMXP Community. PokEssentials Gen 5 is designed to allow developers to focus on creativity, something that can't be done if the dev wastes all of their time trying to find a scripter or understand 18 thousand lines of code. Because of that, expect PEG 5 to have tons of customizability, along with many optional features that developers can turn on and off as they please.

Already implemented:
  • Optional in-game resizing of sprites
  • Jump over water ledges instead of surfing on them
  • Optional Double Screen (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • Black and White message boxes
  • Grass Sound Effect
  • New font
  • DS-like buttons (B is run, X opens menu)
  • Animated battle sprites
  • Fixed Dialogue to match BW phrases (Like changing "___ would like to battle" to "You've been challenged by ___")
  • New Battle UI for single screen
  • Essen Region remapped with Gen 5 tileset
  • Different music for seasons
  • BW2 location window
  • DS-styled starter selection
  • OW Shadows
  • Fixed Sound Effects
  • New, mostly-functional UI
  • Trainers classes modified for Gen 5
  • New move animations
  • Skystones Minigame
  • Cool Title Screen

Planned Features:
  • BW Quicksand
  • Waterfall Animation
  • Hidden Grottos
  • Skinny Balance Bridges
  • Options for different zoom scales on different maps (like Black City in BW)
  • Surfing Ripples
  • A new region designed specifically for PEG5

PokEssentials Gen 5
Created by The Floofy Panthar
With major code contributions by Zeak
Moral Support provided by TheBigGuy270 & Saltvi

BW Font by Metax
Major Packs:
Pokémon Essentials BW V3
Created By: KleinStudio

Script Credits
Bubble Messages Script
Made by Carmaniac from Pokecommunity
Elite Battle system and Mouse Module
Made by Luka S.J.

Resources credits
LilaTraube from deviantArt
Pokémon forms anim, menu rips, some party graphics, evolution, egghatch bg, and more.
Indoor tilesets and some sounds
shiney570 from deviantArt
Menu sounds for opened, closed and selected
Hall of fame graphics, female sprites, box bgs and reposition pokemon sprites.
Weather icons for battles, water bubbles rip and phenomenos Graphics.
Elite Battle System
Sprites: | Ripping the sprites from B2/W2 roms
Luka S.J. | Indexing and formatting the sprites
PinkCatDragon | GIF to PNG conversion
Spriters-Resource (redblueyellow) | Gen 5 ball sprites
Battle Backgrounds:
Eli | Ripping and compiling the backgrounds
lilatraube | Some B2/W2 battle bases
Custom UI:
Luka S.J. | Design, formatting and implementation
Luka S.J. | Elite Battle System
Maruno | General help and support
PinkCatDragon | GIF to PNG converter
Pokémon Essentials (Maruno + Poccil + Flameguru +contibutors) | Base system
Sound Effects:
BadSamaritan | Ripping the sound effects
AceRidley406 | For move animation reference
OW Sprites from Radical Raptor & Barbury
Move animations ripped by klnothingcomin
Tiles edited from Essentials BW
New indoor tiles from Warox1994, UltimoSpriter, TyranitarDark, & DaybreakM
New Outdoor tiles Shiney570, DaybreakM, & Rising Temptest, & UlitmoSpriter
New gym tileset includes tiles made by Manuxd789
Battle UI and Forest Fog by Aki
Battler Sprites by Luka SJ

OW Shadows by Marin
Elite Battle System by Luka SJ
BW2 Mod by Shiney570
Perspective Fix by JessWishes
Grass Overlay By WolfPP
Booznet: Water Puddle

Some BGM and ME downloaded from
Ripped by Kirbyhammer7
Gen 4 SE compiled by Deo

"Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
Poccil (Peter O.)

Because of the Essentials Takedown, any Essentials Packs or Kits related to Essentials are unable to be shared. As per the wishes of the Relic Castle staff, no download link will be posted on the Relic Castle website. As I get closer to finishing the first version of the kit, I will have to find a way to release it online. There will probably be some way I'll let you guys know that I've finished and released the first version but until then, keep on moving forward.

PEG5 Trello
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