Demo Pokémon Luminon

Hi!! Welcome to my post!! Hope you'll enjoy playing this Demo :D

Now, let's get on with the....

So I'll introduce you to the game ^-^
This game is about a new region named Kala, where you are able to explore and catch Pokémon.. but these Pokémon are not just Pokémon or Fakemon!! These Pokémon/Fakemon are all made as a fusion!! so they basically are Fusemon >-< though in the game they are treated as the original regional Pokémon.. so to make sure you are not disappointed when reading this... no there are none of the actual original Pokémon in this game.. only the Fusemon, neither are references to previous games/protagonists/pokemon ect. ^-^

I do have to mention that this game is going to be choice based... so your choice matters and will have an influence on your game and also how NPC's and even your rivals (yes 'rivals') are going to talk to you depending on what you have chosen.

As I have just mentioned, the game also will have more then 1 rival, basically you only have 2 actual rivals xD, and that is also different depending if you play as a male or female... just so you know, the game is not the same for the male as for a female, the story goes a little bit different and certain encounters with certain people will not go the same if you play a male or female.. so yeah, also choosing who you want to play with is already one of your choices, because they are not the same ;)


Oh yeah, one more thing, you might not notice it in the game cause certain players do not like to explore to much, but for all you exploring players out there, I do am going to have allot of reading material (there is some of it already in game, but for some things I still want to add.. it's allot of writing and coding haha xD) and interesting things to explore.. one of which you can already do in this version (it's a 'simulation' of the box system, and a fossil reviving prototype simulation you'll find it when you look careful enough ;))!!!

You're a girl/boy (Girl= Aya, Boy= Yori) living in the town Chentille Town, where just recently a school has been build, the main professor there is highly active to put the town more on the map. You are one of the first trainers that have been born and raised in Chentille Town and you've finally turned the age to start your own journey. What adventures will you embark on? Just one slight warning... choose wisely!

-Game trailer-
Currently I have not been able to make the trailer yet xD... going to do that in the future... when I do have one I'll post it here.

For the download of the newest version available (which is going to be changed drastically in the Demo v2.0) go to my official website

-> As a heads up, the version 2.0 is now in full development, some things have changed allot, in the beginning in the game some things have changed drastically.. so please keep in mind when downloading the version available now, since you sadly should start over in the journey once the 2.0 has come out... due to changes in variables to make things work 10x better.

I hope you'll enjoy playing the current version and look forward to the new version available!!