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Game Jam Game Jam #5: Recruitment

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Let the jam commence yet again!
RELIC GAME JAM #5 has begun!
JUNE 30TH - AUGUST 10TH 2019

Recruitment Thread
Overview Thread - Discussion Thread
Be sure to check out the game jam channels on our Discord!

Relic Game Jam #5

Welcome to the fifth annual Relic Castle Game Jam!

For the uninformed: a game jam is an event where developers will get together and make a game. It sounds simple at first glance, but making a good game is much more difficult and time consuming than you might think. Participating in one is a great way to challenge yourself, learn new skills, and polish your overall experience as a game developer.

Another year, another game jam! Our fifth game jam might not be too different from previous years, but we're nonetheless incredibly excited to see those familiar faces and newcomers alike! Year after year, everyone impresses us with how creative and unique their entries are -- and we don't think this year will be any different.

The Pokémon fan game community is an amazing place, and that's all thanks to each and every one of you. Take pride in that, and your hard work! Let's make this game jam a special one!

Additional thanks to @Cilerba for letting us re-use the game jam logo from last year!

You can find more information about the game jam in the Overview Thread.

Recruitment Thread

Welcome to the Relic Game Jam #5 recruitment thread! In this thread, you can seek assistance with your entry or volunteer your talents for another entry. If you're looking to do anything but discuss recruitment, please use the general discussion thread.

If you're recruiting or volunteering, please use the following templates. Keep in mind that you aren't required to have any progress on your jam entry before recruiting.

  • Looking to recruit:
  • Jam Entry Title:
  • Team Name/Team Members:
  • Progress/Screenshots:
  • Method of Contact:
  • Timezone:
  • Additional Information:

  • Expertise:
  • Examples of Work:
  • Method of Contact:
  • Timezone:
  • Additional Information:

Nuri Yuri

  • Looking to recruit: Graphist, Programmer, Musicien
  • Jam Entry Title: Snek
  • Team Name/Team Members: Team Snek RC GJ#5 / Nuri Yuri
  • Progress/Screenshots: I initialized the git repo and added the SceneBase structure to create all the require scene
  • Method of Contact: Discord (add friend)
  • Timezone: GTM+2
  • Additional Information: Since I don't have a lot of time, I'll make a very simple game that perfectly fit the theme : a snake like game :)
    I already programmed snake under calculator & Raw RMXP in the paste (2010). This time I won't use RMXP at all, I'll use pure Ruby with LiteRGSS & FMOD.
    The global game will be about making a Abo (Ekans) growing from the egg state to the Arbok state, a bit like the tamagochi.

    If we acheive to make the game play before the deadline we'll think about a Multi Player addition so it'll be a bit more fun :)

    Other info about the game :
    Resolution : 640x360 (used for sprite coordinates * Graphics.scale), 1280x720, 1920x1080, 3840x2160
    The graphics are expected to doesn't look pixelized on 1920x1080 so a line of 3px wide should be used for all the graphics.


  • Looking to recruit: GML Programmer, Artist
  • Jam Entry Title: [TBD, working title Pokémon Town]
  • Team Members: Just me at the moment (programming, some art, music)
  • Progress: Couple of art assets, camera control, basic wild Pokémon and Trainer AI/player controls, building UI, main gameplay UI
  • Method of Contact: Discord (toby#8336)
  • Timezone: GMT
  • Additional Information: For artists: the game's visual style is also heavily voxel based, but there will be traditional spritework as well. For Programmers: I only own GM:S1, so you need to own that as well.
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  • Expertise: Programming
  • Examples of Work: My resurces on RC ; also got quite some experience with more complex pause menus
  • Method of Contact: PM; Discord Hollow_Ego#0335
  • Timezone: GMT +1
  • Additional Information: When contacting me, please tell me a boit about what you have in mind for the game



  • Looking to recruit: Scripter And Overworld Spriter
  • Jam Entry Title: Pokemon Unvoiced
  • Team Name/Team Members:
    • Me(Spriting, Mapping, Eventing)
    • Droid779(Spriting)
  • Progress/Screenshots: Gameplay: 50mins (3 Puzzles, 2 Boss Battles)
  • Method of Contact: Discord Kartik#1923
  • Timezone: GMT +5:30
  • Additional Information: The game is going to have like 8 hrs of gameplay in total (1 or 1/2 for jam)
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Eternal Idiot
  • Looking to recruit: Artist
  • Jam Entry Title: Unleash the Pokemon!
  • Team Name/Team Members: Ouroboro
  • Progress/Screenshots: Story, and game progression done. Eventing in progress.
  • Method of Contact: DM here or on Relic Castle discord where I am 24/7
  • Timezone: EST
  • Additional Information: I just need someone to do character portraits/emotions for 2 specific human characters that'll load up as they talk (think PMD style).
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