Recruiting Need help with music, sprites and maps for Pokemon shadows of the heart


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Hi, I'm new to posting here but I'm familiar with this site.

currently i'm the only one working on my Pokemon game that I titled "Pokemon shadows of the heart".
this game is meant to revolve around shadow Pokemon. A group known as "The Chaotix Cult" seeks to take control of Pokemon by locking their hearts, this turns them into shadow Pokemon, just like in the Pokemon GameCube games (XD and Colosseum).
I am working with others on another game "Pokemon Crossbones" but they have their hands full already.
So I decided ( and was encouraged ) to find some people on this lovely website to help with the development.

What i'm looking for
I'm looking for a music artist who can make good gen 3 music, for that is the style of the game.

I'm also looking for a sprite artist to add some original Pokemon ( Like starters ) and some mega evolutions as well as original trainer sprites. Sprites for battle animations are highly appreciated.

I also need some original tilesets for a cult setting, a gang hideout and a dark world.

If you can do any of these things ( especially music ) please join my discord server and lend a hand > < (This now leads to pokemon crossbones )
thank you for reading this :)
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