Recruiting Recruiting for Pokémon Labyrinth


Developer on Pokémon Labyrinth
Welcome I am BlackCat
I am recruiting for a Pokémon Fangame called (Pokemon Labyrinth) Based off the country of Greece, we are currently still in early stages of development and we are looking for anyone interested in helping, while we welcome anyone's help, we are mostly on the lookout for Artists, Spriters, Programmers, Composers, Story Writers, 3D modelers, mappers and anyone else interested in lending a hand, for this game we are using Pokémon Unity which means Pokémon Labyrinth will be similar to gen 4 and 5, if you’re interested please DM me

Artists: HyperMadDJ, Otto, Bluebellboys, PokemonTrainerArian,SnickerBlizz
Spriters: BlackCat, RealTeddyRed
Storyline: Wolf, TheVoltageLad
Mappers: Rygado, Magma, Niqck
Composer: VoidBehemoth, Raylondhamm1

Here is some current content from the games

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