Recruiting Melodic Royale is now recruiting!


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Melodic Royale is now recruiting!

What is Melodic Royale?

Melodic Royale is a Pokemon Rhythm Fangame currently being developed by Mewleon through Unity. Melodic Royale combines mechanics of some rhythm games (Stepmania, Idol Love (team system), and Arcaea (partner system)) and smushes Pokemon into the mix! You can make your own team and fight against other boss/enemy Pokemon throughout various other songs!

Current progress -

At the moment I plan on a Alpha release in the next month or two. What I currently need at the moment, if you are interested in any position, send a reply here, dm me here or on discord at Mewleon#3378 -

Artists (Music) -
Are you a freelancer artist that wants a song in this project (Pokemon related or not)? Your song can be added to this project! As mentioned above, just send me a message and I can find a way to integrate your song!

Also I need some help with UI audio and main menu music. I may be a musician irl, but creating music digitally is a whole other ballpark!

Writers -
I also need some help creating a storyline for this game. I tend to make a story mode for this game (although not a priority right now), I would like to gain a basic foundation of the game lore.

This is the main plot of the story that I currently have drafted up:
In a world where Ultra Necrozma plagued the world into pure darkness comes you, a travelling scribe working to recapture all the memories of the world. From Red’s adventures to Ash’s multiple defeats in the league, memories of the old world was the thing that kept Ultra Metropolis going. You are one of the people that travel to all the timelines through Ultra Wormholes to capture all the memories of every generation with the power of music and your pokemon. Fate has it that you are the one that will save Ultra Necrozmas’ world of darkness.
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