Recruiting Recruiting For Pokemon Crossbones


Pokemon Valhalla Lead Dev
Hello, My name is Diablo!

I am recruiting for a fangame known as Pokemon Crossbones. We are currently in the early stages of development and are looking for people that are interested in working with us. We are willing to take any help, but we mainly need spriters, scripters, music composers, and artists. I can give you more information on the game if you'd like. Feel free to DM me on here or reply to the thread if you're interested. I have some images and the list of roles down below. Thank you! I will be updating this thread constantly.

Story - SparkShock (Key Row)
Scripting and Mapping - Diablo
Co-Scripting and Mapping - Smashing219 (Emerl33)
Art - FanficForFun

Art - MattSlash (AAA)

One Pokemon we have.
Grass Starter Final Evolution

Water Starter Final Evolution