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Freelance [Closed] New Composer Looking To Collaborate!


Hi there, my name is Nayte, I am a current student of composition looking to get my hands dirty in some Pokemon Fan Game development! I have composed for some visual novel groups (which unfortunately never made it past development limbo) and currently almost finished with a Dangan Ronpa fangame OST!
Here are some tracks by myself, my biggest goal is to become the most versatile composer I can possibly be!
- Beautiful Humanity [Acid Edition] (for the Dangan Ronpa fangame)
- OST Trailer #1 (For Dangan Ronpa fangame)
- Let Me Sleep (freelance songwriting)
- My Bandcamp (which has 3 releases of varying sound)
- My Soundcloud (just a bunch of random stuff here from 2 years and before)

Thank you for reading this and let me know if you are interested working with me. I am looking serious developers who are set on getting games done as I have been part of many failed projects. Even if my sample tracks sound nothing like Pokemon music, I assure you I am very good at adapting my style. Especially when I have been playing Pokemon games for over 15 years. Looking forward to meeting with your development teams!

Edit: I am currently part of a dev team as of now and I am not going to accept any more offers.
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Hello there! If you're interested, I would like to have you as a part of my team. We are working on a Pokemon fangame, and your talent seems like something we could use. Now, I won't be able to offer you any monetary compensation for your work, if that's ok. But I do believe that this game will end up getting done, if you're worried about lack of motivation. Feel free to reply or message me if you're interested. Thanks!

Edit: That sounded so much like a bot message haha. I promise this isn't copy and paste.