Help Location Window/Sign Post Help

Hello! So I am working on tweaking Essentials v.17.2 for a project I am working on, and wanted to re-format the ShowArea text box that displays the name of the map as you transition between maps. I am looking to achieve something a bit more like the Black/White aesthetic, where it is a dark, semi-transparent window that extends across the whole screen (I can find an example if that will help).

My trouble is I can't seem to find the bit of code that forces that text box to share the same windowskin as the choices menu to override it.

Basically I want that text box to always use a specific windowskin regardless of the players choice of menu windowskin.

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated!
Great! Thank you. It seems the text box is drawn using Window_AdvancedTextPokemon from SpriteWindow_text. I will take a closer look at this area and see if I can make any headway.