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Background on Project so Far
For those of you who haven't heard of Pokemon Recondite, which I expect is most, the biggest reason is because I haven't been active on Relic Castle. The first version of my game that I posted in the past was flat out bad. I know I can do better and when I come back with an update to the game I want to show, not tell. For that reason, I have been working on various parts of the game in the background but I've come to a point where, if I want the game to be good, I need help in certain areas. I've probably put this off longer than I should have but that did get me to do some stuff myself.

You and your parents move into a seemingly boring town in the region of Petra. Petra is one of the regions that Kalos was at war with 3000 years ago. You and your rival, Xavier, are taken into an adventure by a mysterious Pokemon that kick starts your journey. You soon learn that defeating gym leaders no longer grants you entry into the Pokemon League, if that's even your goal. As you try to discover the past, the present stands in your way with a new twist and turn at every corner. Each tide that tries to change this region has its own ideal, which do you believe?
Knowledge or Power
Slow and Steady vs Radical and Revolutionary
Past or Future
Reality vs Intention
Or return to zero...

For those of you who want to know more about the story, essentially spoilers, read ahead
The war with Kalos, what's that about?
Ever since X and Y came out and we found out about the ancient weapon and stuff, I thought to myself what if there was a Pokemon war, similar to Pokemon Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. In the very beginning of the movie, it starts off with a Pokemon war and we've never seen that again. I want to replicate that in some way so Petra is one of the regions or region Kalos was at war with. The beginning of the game starts off with transporting the player and his friend to during the war, 3000 years ago, and you are able to see some of the effects of the ancient weapon/war. Celebi will transport you to the past multiple times throughout the game both mandatory and optional so you can see what happened in the past. Also the Petra region of the past will be used to get the mega stones, do side quests, and get legendaries.

How do you enter the Pokemon League?
The exact specifics may be changed later but I'll try to keep things simple. Gym Leaders have been deemed unable to do their job which consists of: being a challenge to trainers so only the strongest participate in the Pokemon League, protecting the town/city and citizens, and making money since they are hired by the Pokemon League. The Pokemon League is the government, in the sense that they make decisions and implement things that affect everyone in the region. Frontier Brains have replaced Gym Leaders due to some not being able to do their job. The way Frontier Brains are different are that you have to find them, they are't going to be at one place all the time like at a gym. Gym Leaders will still be apart of the game but in terms of a game boss status Frontier Brains are above Gym Leaders. In order to enter the Pokemon League, you have to beat four of them (FBs) to participate in the preliminary rounds but if you beat all five you skip the preliminary rounds. The kicker is that you are unable to enter certain towns/cities if you don't meet a symbol requirement, gym badge equivalent, as implemented by the Pokemon League. This aspect does touch certain themes but I won't talk about that here.

What is each tide supposed to mean?
Important characters. I planned a lot of them. Probably too many considering it's my first game but I can't go back. The first thing I decided on when planning out this game was to have the Elite Four and Gym Leaders do stuff as opposed to most cannon games. I'm just going to go ahead and give a big list of names. Champion, Elite Four, Five Frontier Brains, 8 Gym Leaders, 2 Rivals, and last but not least the Leaders of the Black Market, which consists of four leaders as of now. If you go back to Introduction/Summary and read the "ideals" I mentioned, each one is associated with an important character. The player is a blank canvas of sorts who doesn't really know what's going on and cause of that goes forward in what seems right at the time and in the end, you the player will decide what the player becomes. Another reason why you get to decide is because you're a talking protagonist. As for how the other important characters will play a part, I'll save that for another time.

New Features
-Ability to chain Pokemon in the overworld like in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee
-Custom Story with a brand new region and lore
-Overworld Battles (Will be explained at a later time)
-Gym leaders are replaced
-More Than 10 New Terrains (an example of an existing one is Electric Terrain)
-Gen 4/5 graphics (95% or more gen 4 and little gen 5)

Common Features
-Side quests
-Pokemon up to generation 7 (includes alolan forms and possibly meltan/melmetal)
-Mega evolution (potential for custom megas)
-New moves
-Important characters like Frontier Brains, Elite Four, and leaders of significant groups
-Pokemon Changes which includes types, stat redistribution, moves, and etc.
-HMs will be replaced with key items

Potential Features
-Challenge Mode which could consist of:
A custom challenge mode I make
-Multiple endings (I want to say there will be I just don't see myself there yet in terms of game progress)

Progress as I have planned right now
1- finish graphics to the extent of what I think I'll need, time frame = month(s)
2- finish off adding whatever music I'm going to add to the game, time frame = week
3- scripting stuff, essentially add the features I know for sure I'll have, time frame = week(s) - month(s)
4- update what's been made with new assets and such, time frame = week(s) - month(s)
5- Play test for Pokemon Recondite Version 0.1, time frame = week(s)
6- New Content!

Team Members and Roles:
Allan5829 - Lead Developer, Everything Else

Looking to Recruit (Level of Need/Must See Previous Work):

Trainer Battle Spriter (High/Yes)
- I need help with making Important Trainer Battle Sprites (about 20-30) as well as Protagonist Sprites, I'm able to make them it's just that I'm slow at making them and they won't turn out very different from their base sprite

Overworld Character Spriter (Medium-Low/Yes)
- I'm more comfortable making these since it's a more copy and edit sorta thing for me

Tileset Spriter (Medium-Low/Yes)
- Overworld and cave tilesets are mostly done, I'd need help with autotiles, like water, and indoor tilesets

Mapper (Medium-Low/Yes)
- I've made all of the maps in my game so far but having someone else to help will make things go faster and I need someone who is good at Indoor maps such as houses or "Evil Team Bases"

Pokemon Sprite Artist (Low/Yes)
- Specifically Mega Evolutions and "Alolan" Pokemon, it would be nice to have them but not a necessity also since I can't make good ones, note I'm aware that there are a lot of mega evolution/ alolan form designs out there but most of them don't have the necessary 4 sprites and are free to use w/ or w/o credit

Scripter (Low/No)
- I don't think I'll need help adding everything I plan to add so as such the need is low, or I can go to the forums for help

Eventer (Low/No)
- Make events like trainers, side quests, or potentially cut scenes, someone to help around with that

Promotional Artist (Low/Yes)
- It's always nice to have promo art but I sure can't make it

Pokemon Balancing (Low/No)
- What I mean by this is to decide which new moves to give to which Pokemon, which Pokemon should be able to use which terrain, and to help finalize on the new terrain effects, terrains were introduced in gen 6 and made more popular with the tapus in gen 7, Pokemon recondite will feature more than 10 new terrains so it would help to have someone to bounce ideas off of for balancing purposes

Discord Moderator (Low/Yes)
- This is only in the case the Pokemon Recondite Discord becomes too much for myself to handle and the discord will be available to join at a later date once there's more to show for development

Play Testers (None at the Moment/No)
- I don't need play testers right now cause there isn't really much to play test but I will need some in the future

How to apply?
Before you look at how to contact please state what you are applying for, your availability (in the case I need more than person for a certain role), and a link to previous work based on the role your applying for. If you are capable of handling multiple roles and have the skills feel free to apply for more than one.
Trainer battle spriter
I'm available on weekends most of the time/ I'm available to help for about 5 hours a week
Link: wwwDotDeviantArtOrImgurOrWhereEverYouHavePreviousWorkOn
Feel free to add any other relevant information below and/or comments

How to Contact?
Relic Castle- PM or reply to this thread
Discord- Allan5829#2179

Thank you for showing interest and have a great day or night!