Recruiting Recruiting Dev Team for Pokemon Demi and Pokemon Magi


Hello Everybody I’ve decided to try my hand at creating a pokemon game.The game right now is only just a stable idea with only the plot settled but that’s why I’m here. This game combines two of my favorite things Pokemon and Magic.

Game Overview
The game is set in the Arun and Erudin regions Which are the only lands to still possess magic.The player awakens their magical power the day of their birthday and receive of a vision detailing the fall of the region and destruction of magic.

New mechanics
The player will use spells and magic to solve various puzzles and and progress through the region.
As I said before the game is barely in the beginning stage which I hope to fix and further it’s development by recruiting a capable team to help with this project.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you require any further information I will gladly assist you.

Looking for the following positions:
Artist and Spriter
Town and Route Mapper
Music composer and Scripter

Anything else that you feel will contribute beneficially to game will also be taken into consideration.