Recruiting Recruiting for Pokémon Civil War


Well, we haven't settled on a name for the project yet... The main thread of the game can be found here. But long story short...

Who are we?

We are the Pokémon Civil War team. I am the lead developer shouldering the lead writing, eventing, mapping and coordinating contributions to the game - small or big. Phantom-Bina is the second member of the core team, and he makes significant contributions to the writing of the game, as well as spriting tilesets.

What do we want?

In particular we are looking for people to contribute to the conceptual development of a new game mechanic we are adding: Character Traits. The core idea for the mechanic is that certain 'trainer stats' are increased or decreased based on players' in-game choices, and the way the world interacts with the players change depending on their character traits. By the world we mean:

a) how the different political factions treat the player,
b) how significant NPCs treat the player, and
c) how the Pokémon in the team treat the player (introducing truancy stats).

We are interested in getting help on each of the items, however the last item is where we need help more than anything else, as the first two are more related to writing, whereas the final item also includes broader gameplay and scripting issues.

What are we looking for?

We see three main roles to be filled with respect to this mechanic:

1) This mechanic might require significant amounts of coding/scripting. So we are looking for someone to develop the scripts necessary for this. If you find the idea interesting, but the potential mountain of trivial and repetitive work off putting, I am happy to take on the trivial aspects of the work so long as you can ease me into covering that aspect. I have no experience in coding. The second role for the scripter is to help us avoid attempting unfeasible things with this mechanic.
2) The calibration of Pokémons' truancy stats, and how trainers character trait stats meet these truancy requirements will likely, and indeed is partly intended to, impact players' teambuilding abilities. Pulling this off without breaking the playability of the game requires a sharp understanding of competitive battling, and fan game adventuring. We are looking for an experienced "gamer" to fill this role.
3) This mechanic also impacts the conceptual development of the game in terms of writing, character development, and various other things. While both I and Phi-Bi can cover the writing aspect of the mechanic, we are open to all contributions.

One thing I should highlight is that these different roles can be filled by the same person, while different people can share aspects of each role. Finally, while I have not explicitly extended an invitation to become a core member of the dev team here, if we enjoy working with each other, we would be very happy to keep on working together you.


If you are interested, please drop a comment here, or send me a direct message.
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