Recruiting Pokémon Anthurium


Pokémon Anthurium is an in progress Pokémon fan game based around a gen 2 art style. It features 133 brand new Fakémon, which are all finished and sprited (minus box/party sprites I guess). We don't plan to get too ambitious as we don't wanna set expectations too high, we just wanna make a passion project that others may enjoy as well. I'm looking for a scripter to help with the project as I'm not too familiar with essentials. We can supply everything else for the most part (Music, Sprites, Story, Etc), we just need a reliable scripter on board as well. If anyone else wants to help out that isn't a scripter it's greatly appreciated as well, people who can compose GSC style music, more spriters for stuff such as tilesets and those box sprites I mentioned earlier and anything else really. If you would like to contact me, my discord is wewmu#8503, shoot me a friend request and hit me up in the dm's.

- Wewmu