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Solved problems adding elite battle system


I'm an artist who knows nothing about code and just got Pokemon Essentials. I figured the best thing to do was find all the mechanic and script plugins i want and then start making a game with just that. I added a couple, like pokemon following you, with no issue so i think i understand the process for adding plugins.

I followed the instructions for the Elite Battle System from this site http://resources.luka-sj.com/

It seems really simple and every tutorial ive found on it don't have an issue but it breaks my game completely. I even started from a clean copy of 17.2 and it didnt fix.

here's the exception log

Pokemon Essentials
[Pokémon Essentials version 17]

Exception: RuntimeError

Message: filename is nil

SpriteWindow_sprites:30:in `initialize'

Pokemon_Sprites:223:in `new'

Pokemon_Sprites:223:in `pokemon='

Pokemon_Sprites:209:in `initialize'

PScreen_Load:165:in `new'

PScreen_Load:165:in `pbSetParty'

PScreen_Load:164:in `each'

PScreen_Load:164:in `pbSetParty'

PScreen_Load:319:in `loadSpriteConversion'

EBS_Battle:687:in `pbStartLoadScreen'

The only script that was added in this is EBS_Battle. I'm sure most people with more experience than me could help and I'd much appreciate it

EDIT: i was using a save file with removed assets. sorry
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