Solved problems adding elite battle system


I'm an artist who knows nothing about code and just got Pokemon Essentials. I figured the best thing to do was find all the mechanic and script plugins i want and then start making a game with just that. I added a couple, like pokemon following you, with no issue so i think i understand the process for adding plugins.

I followed the instructions for the Elite Battle System from this site

It seems really simple and every tutorial ive found on it don't have an issue but it breaks my game completely. I even started from a clean copy of 17.2 and it didnt fix.

here's the exception log

Pokemon Essentials
[Pokémon Essentials version 17]

Exception: RuntimeError

Message: filename is nil

SpriteWindow_sprites:30:in `initialize'

Pokemon_Sprites:223:in `new'

Pokemon_Sprites:223:in `pokemon='

Pokemon_Sprites:209:in `initialize'

PScreen_Load:165:in `new'

PScreen_Load:165:in `pbSetParty'

PScreen_Load:164:in `each'

PScreen_Load:164:in `pbSetParty'

PScreen_Load:319:in `loadSpriteConversion'

EBS_Battle:687:in `pbStartLoadScreen'

The only script that was added in this is EBS_Battle. I'm sure most people with more experience than me could help and I'd much appreciate it

EDIT: i was using a save file with removed assets. sorry
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