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Help Encounter method constant error


So I tried to make the dark grass type encounter, but it didn't work, I don't know why to be honest.

Then I reseted all back to the vanilla version and (I tried to reset the game, RPG Maker, a new save file, anything worked):

Pokemon Yellow Bolt
[Pokémon Essentials version 17.2]

Exception: NoMethodError

Message: undefined method `pbIsGrassTag?' for #<PokemonEncounters:0xd990510>

PField_Encounters:124:in `isEncounterPossibleHere?'

PField_Field:376:in `pbBattleOnStepTaken'

PField_Field:368:in `pbOnStepTaken'

Game_Player:461:in `update_old'

Game_Player_Visuals:71:in `follow_update'

Follow:1463:in `update'

Scene_Map:164:in `follow_update'

Scene_Map:161:in `loop'

Scene_Map:170:in `follow_update'

Follow:1551:in `update'