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Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Season 4 Discussion

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A Martian Hyena
Apr 18, 2017

Can you handle the cutthroat and perilous trials set forth by the judges?
This is IRON MAPPER: Relic Castle's mapping competition!

Iron Mapper
Iron Mapper is a mapping competition on Relic Castle. Each mapping competition, otherwise known as a "trial", will have a deadline clearly stated, and you will have this time to complete and submit a map according to the theme and criteria of the trial. Once all submitted maps are judged after the deadline (this depends on the volume of entries, usually a few days), the judges will post the results, and prepare for the next trial.

Season 4
It’s been exactly half a year since there last was any activity on this part of RC, and even an entire year since we last seen an mapping trial. So let’s get some activity back in here with a brand new season of Iron Mapper!

This season will come with a variety of different trials that will push your proficiency and creativity to the limit. There will be an announcement a few days before the beginning of each new trial.

I’m looking forward to see all the great maps you all can come up with!

Trial 1. City Life.

For earlier trials, please check out past Iron Mapper seasons!

Rules of Engagement
The following are some general rules that apply to all trials. Abiding by them is mandatory.
  • You may only submit one map per trial, and you may not reuse a map for multiple trials.
  • Please don't just submit maps you've made prior to the trial, the purpose of this competition is to encourage you to map, not to post old work.
  • You're welcome to map in whatever software you like, but it must be on a grid, and it must use the tileset required in the trial. RPG Maker XP is highly encouraged. The Tiled Map Editor is a free piece of software that would be a good substitute.
  • Once you submit your map, you may not edit it further. Only submit it when you're finished it.
  • Collaborative entries are not allowed unless specified in the criteria for a specific trial.
  • Poor sportsmanship is highly frowned upon. Ultimately, this is for fun and self improvement. Enjoy it and don't focus on whether or not you win.

Maps are judged with the following areas kept in mind. These are subjective and general guidelines.
  • Accuracy. How well does your map represent the theme of a trial, and does it meet all of the criteria?
  • Gameplay. Can your map be traversed easily, and does it make sense in a Pokémon game? Is there room for NPCs?
  • Technique. Are the tiles used well and without error? Does the map have detail and look polished?
The judges will have a group discussion with their thoughts on each map, the winner, and all the requested critique. The judges will agree on at least one map that has won the trial. There are no points or numerical scores.

The judges for each trial will be chosen by myself, and sometimes another judge might join a trial part way through. Judges may not partake in a trial they're currently judging. Those who have judged a previous trial who decide to compete will receive no advantage in knowing the trial theme, and there will be no bias in judging their map. Please do not ask to be a judge; I will approach you if I think you would be a suitable judge.

Submitting your Entry
In order to submit your entry, please make a post in the current trial thread with the provided information listed in the trial thread. You can leave your map untitled, and any additional information/notes are optional. Please list the number or name of the trial along with your entry. You may not submit maps for concluded trials.

If you're having issues taking a screenshot of your map, use the Map Screenshot Image Maker Script. It's very easy to use. You can also achieve a clear picture of your map by following this tip by Fontbane.

For discussion of Iron Mapper, please use this thread. You're more than welcome to talk about past trials, but we'll likely be talking about the current one!
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A wild Minun appeared!
May 17, 2017
congratulations kingpls!
But in general all the maps were great ... got a lot of inspirations of those maps.
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