Recruiting Pokemon Renewal


Pokemon Renewal Lead Writer

Pokemon Renewal is a fan-made game made with Pokemon Essentials. In this brand new region, the government has absolute control over the people but has also supplemented their lives with a mysterious energy source called "Perpetuum", leading to a giant influx of new technologies. Join the player, an undercover agent for the International Police, as you investigate governmental corruption while taking on the gym challenge with your three rivals. What secrets do your friends, the resurrected "Caelum Knights", and even the region itself hold in store?

Looking For:

I am very comfortable and confident with the plot, but honestly a lot of the other details are open. The map is (currently) based on South America (shown above), but is up for re-interpretation as needed. Similarly, the opening town has been created and actually has a playable first-town demo, but that is also up for interpretation and uses only the very basic tools. I am personally not terribly familiar with Pokemon Essentials or coding in general, and I certainly am not comfortable with (graphic) art.

In a way, I think that this is an advantage for anyone that wishes to join the team. I am very much willing to let people take liberties with their work. Have a different art style you want to adapt to Pokemon? I'm your guy. Want to try to get your style as close to a currently existing game as possible? I'm your guy. Want to learn along with me how to code? I'm your guy. Want to go nuts with coding or art, just getting a general direction but adding your own flair? I'm your guy.

I am of course willing to take advice on pre-existing things like story, but I am much more interested in filling roles that have no commitment. This includes:


Much of the flexibility mentioned above is determined by those who are willing to help out. For example: Do we want Fakemon? I've had some mixed ideas on this (I came up with Adaptive formes before Alola came out but now seems somewhat unoriginal), but really it would be all about the person/people who are willing to help out with spriting. Maybe they would prefer to redo every single Pokemon, or maybe one person wants to sprite the overworld and another wants to sprite a whole new Fakemon Pokemon. That's up to you. I could do this entire game by myself if I really needed to. But realistically? It would look ugly. It would be buggy. It would be less inspired. I need your help make this vision a reality, and I am appreciative of any help offered. Please let me know if you are interested.