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Pokémon Venture, originally started during Relic Castle's Game Jam 4, is a fangame (using Pokémon Essentials) loosely based on Pokémon Quest. You've recently been contacted by an unnamed company to research Shī Island, an island where an ancient people long ago sealed away a great evil. For years, the island has been uninhabited. Due to mysterious circumstances, it's quite common to find Shiny Pokémon on the island! While you're not allowed to bring your own Pokémon, a scientist on the island has Research Pokémon to borrow.


  • Battle, befriend and train all 151 Pokémon from the Kanto region!
  • Cook up different dishes to bring Pokémon to your campsite!*
  • Defeat overpowered boss Pokémon in ten different areas!
  • Spruce up your campsite with Pokémon decorations!*

  • Can't find items to evolve your Pokémon? Evolve 'em just by leveling up!
  • Learn different techniques by training with wild Pokémon!*
  • Defeat wild Pokémon to collect items and ingredients!
  • Custom Pokémon front sprites made by PokéSho, including shiny Pokémon!
* Planned features

Pokémon Venture by me
Pokémon Essentials: Flameguru, Poccil, Maruno
Pokémon Quest Soundtrack ripped by DeoxysPrime, converted for RMXP by me
Gen IV Sound Effect Pack by Deo
Gen VII Pokémon Cries by Rhyden
Custom Pokémon Sprites by PokéSho (free to use)
GO Style Summary Screen from Free Summary Screens by Aki
Gen VI Icon Pack by Pikachumazzinga, modified by Alaguesia
Mr. Gela's Windowskin Pack by Mr. Gela
Item overworlds by LogiedanT-T (link) (link)
Tileset by Akizakura16 (link) (link), WesleyFG (link), AurumDeluxe (link), Flurmimon (link), and Magiscarf (link) on deviantArt
Change Name From Party Screen by Diego Mertens
Continue Screen Music by DerxwnaKapsyla
DP Pause Menu by Marin
EXP All as Passive Ability by Michael
Following Pokémon by mej71, with edits from WolfPP and Vendily
Improved Colored Text by VanillaSunshine
Mr. Gela's Name Windows by Mr. Gela
Overworld Shadows by Marin
Replace Party Pokémon by Jonas930
Trainer Pronoun Picker by Fiona
Wild Item Drops by Cilerba
Wild Pokémon You Can't Catch by DerxwnaKapsyla

♡ Demo coming soon! Currently working on cleaning up the events and transfers between maps to make it cleaner. I'm still unsure if I'll release an early release demo, but if I do it will have 3/10 areas and a little less than half of Kanto's Pokémon! (50-75 depending on evolutions)
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