Recruiting Pokemon Polaris


Hello all, I've decided I've finally wanted to take the long route of making a game. However, what's the fun in making a game when you do it alone? That's why I'm posting. I would love it if anyone wanted to help make the game alongside me and meet people throughout the community on the way!

A little concept behind the game is as followed (it's not set in stone but its just an idea):
Candor, a region of wonders and tranquility, has become home to hostility in recent years. With the rise of a new organization in the shadows going by the name Team Polaris, many of begun worrying about what the future of Candor will entail. Elite 4 members have left their posts at the Pokemon League in order to keep the peace while Gym Leaders have banded together to figure out what the true motive of Team Polaris might be. Meanwhile, in the small town of Ironshore, a child has finally earned permission to start their journey in hopes of finding out what truly happened to their brother who went missing 3 years ago. When Professor Chestnut entrusts you with a brand new starter Pokemon, he also asks you to fill out a Pokedex in order to truly discover what attributes contribute to giving a Pokemon its typing. Along your journey, you will encounter many people who knew your brother, most of which say he was an excellent Pokemon Trainer which leads you to challenging the Pokemon League to find more clues as to what might have happened to your brother. Will you succeed on your quest? Or, will you fade into the void that is Polaris...

Any/All help is welcome! No need of experience either as we can learn together!
Thanks for spending time and reading this, have a nice day folks.