Recruiting Pokemon: Rolling Dunes(Working Title)

Hello there! My name is Vetominer(Veto for short). I have some experience and a general knowledge of RPG XP and Pokemon Essentials but I am currently looking for other people who would want to be part of the development team for Pokemon: Rolling Dunes(Title may be susceptible to change). As of right now I am the sole member of the team and am looking to bring in others to create an amazing fan game experience unlike any other.

The ideas and structure of the game are already largely completed. The game will be set in a region inspired by Egypt. The story is pretty standard: beat all 8 Gyms and the Elite 4 while stopping the evil forces of Team Relic. What will make this game unique is that the region will be open world(more or less). Anyone who joins the team will have equal say in the story and game mechanics because this would be your game as well.

Currently I'm looking for:
-Developers(Scripting, Coding, Etc.)
-Spriters(Fakemon Sprites, Trainer Sprites, Etc.)
-Artists(Town Map, Title Art, Etc.)

If anyone is interested you can reply here or contact me on my discord Vetominer#3331.

Thank you for your time,