Solved is there a way to turn off ME sounds?


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Hello, I'm making a game based on Let's Go, Eevee and Pikachu^^, now I'm done with the event in Pallet Town and the Lab. But there is a ME sound that I want to fix.
So, when the player's on the grass to try catching the Eevee, right after "catching" it, I put two (ME)-sound files in the event, called "Battle capture success" and the other "Battle victory wild". The problem is that the last (ME) sound, plays even after "catching" the Eevee and talking to Prof. Oak in the Event, it's hard to explain, to be precise, the ME sound should be stopped after the "catching eevee"-scene and be played normally. I don't know if there is a way to turn off / or stop the ME sound, like the same way you stop SE and play SE again, but for ME?

[Side Note: The player don't catch the Eevee, it's just like LGPE where you throw a Pokéball and catch it. But the player wont have it in his team because, after throwing the Poke Ball, Eevee get inside a Poke Ball and then the Eevee jumps away (Like in Let's go Eevee, after throwing a Poke Ball at Eevee, he gets inside a Poke Ball and jumps everywhere and the Poke Ball rotate, gain speed and goes to the lab)]

how I solved this:
I copy+paste the sound file that I wanted to stop inside the SE folder and then in the event on page 2 I clicked on "Stop SE" and selected the music file
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